Monday, June 4, 2012

30 Days of Daemon Tour + Interview

YAY! Love me some Daemon! 30 days of him?!?!?! *swoon*

For my stop on the tour I got to talk to Daemon (Lux series) & Seth (Covenant series)


I know right!?!?!

Are you ready to laugh??? Get ready!

Yeah- he's HOTT
V-Okay, I’m super excited to have Seth and Daemon with me today. You two are both the badasses of your respective worlds so I’m thinking you could help me explain how things work there for everyone.

V-So Seth, tell us what it’s like wielding Akasha?

S-It’s pretty much the ultimate power, the combination of all the elements in the world. It’s the beginning and the end. In other words, it’s like a nuclear bomb. 

V-Does that sound anything like what you do Daemon? 

D-The nuclear bomb part sounds familiar… 

V-So helpful Daemon.
V-Seth, can you explain to Daemon what it’s like living in the covenant world? 

S-Lots of stupid rules, but it sounds like he’s familiar with that. 

V-Wait! Have you been checking up on Daemon, Seth??  Moving on.

V-Daemon, can you tell Seth what it’s like being from Lux? 

D-No doubt. 

V-But you won't, huh.  Fine be a .....moving on.

V-You both have girls around that aren’t always happy with you. Do you think it’s your very male personalities that contribute to that? (HeeHee) 

D-Girls are always happy with me. 

S-Yeah, I don’t know how to answer that question. We both are pretty damn loveable.

V-*mouth hanging open* Really? That's your story there??? Hmmmmm..... *Goes back to Obsidian and looks through it* *Picks up Pure and checks*

V-You two might want to read a little more.
V-Okay, it's true I've seen that tender side of both of you. Well tender might be the wrong word. You both have …um “saved” the girl in very dramatic ways. That’s sweet, right? 

S-Alex rarely needs saving, but sometimes she gets in over her head and needs someone to keep her head above water. I don’t know if it’s sweet or more of a necessity. 

D-I’m sweet as sugar. 

V-Sweet, Daemon and oh so helpful! 

V-Tell us something we don’t learn about you in the books – nothing spoilery just fun. 

D-Jelly doughnuts are disgusting. 

S-What is wrong with you? They are great.

D-Whatever. Just answer the question. 

S-I don’t understand organized sports. Seems like a lot of running for no apparent reason.

V-Um...kinda agree with Daeomon the jelly doughnut thing but Seth WTH??? Football - what about football??? Oh never mind.


All these are favorites – 

V-Really? Hmmmmm
S-I don’t really have a favorite color 
V-No favorite color? Hmmm...what does that say about you?

D-I like all kinds of food. 
V-Except jelly doughnuts! 
S=Red meat 


S-I really don’t think you want us answering that question.

D-I have to agree with that. 
V-THAT pretty much does tell us, doesn't it! 

S-Come on, now. 
V-Yeah see Seth, I'm not convinced with you on this one.
D-I think that’s pretty obvious. 
V-You are obvious here - heehee

V-Thanks guys. I have LOVED hanging out with you two. Can’t wait to read more about both of you. 

SO, what'd ya think????

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  1. Funny. :D But they should read the books again if they're that full of themselves. They might discover something.

  2. Loved it!! I was expecting a bit more snark out of Daemon though. I guess not really knowing each other was probably a bit awkward. Hehe! I'm with Daemon on the jelly doughnuts too. I'm not a fan.

  3. haha they're funny. I was expecting more verbal sparring between the two, though I haven't read half-blood yet. It'll be great to see what Daemon is up to in Onyx!

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  4. hhmmm funny, but.. I don't know, I think it wasn't too dialoguing (is that the word?) Like I dind't feel the personalities in here.
    Anyways, love Daemooon <3

  5. Where'd my snarky Daemon go?!? Seth is still Seth I see...don't think that boy will ever change, but he may...we shall see. Love the post <3