Monday, June 11, 2012

Madly & the Jackal by M. Leighton

Source:  Received eBook from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Book 3 in the Madly Series - spoilers for the first 2 books.

My Summary:

Madly & Jackson return to Atlas to return the captured lore to it's prison cell and try to rescue her family.  The first part goes as planned, the second not so much.  And Madly is discovering just how powerful she really is, something others have known and are interested in controlling.  But controlling Madly can only really be done with Jackson out of the picture and he isn't going willing.  Still something is stolen from Madly that she's not sure she can live without, regardless of the fate of Atlas.  Losing it may be more than Madly can ever recover from.  Is her love for Jackson enough to pull her through?

My Thoughts:

5 stars - Oh my - my Jackson rocks!

Can I just start with looking at my Jackson again?

Yeah, I just love that guy Jackson.  I get to interview that dude on Wednesday - make sure you come back for that.  I'm sure I'll have to post this pic again! ;)

This book continues the story of Madly & Jackson as they try and save Atlas from a traitor and the released Lore.  Things are NOT what they appear to be for Atlas though and it may be more than either of them can handle.  I just love the relationship between these two.  Their just perfect together and totally lost without each other.  These characters make this series.

I don't know how to explain my feeling for this book, though.  It was an emotional read because of what these characters had to endure.   I am very invested in these two and I had a hard time watching them struggle.  I guess all I really can say is that I love these characters and I need to keep reading to find out what happens next for them.

The scene at the Pool of Neptune was just perfect.  I wish I could share that scene with you but it's too spoilery.  But I do have some fun quotes below.

There was a part in this book that devastated me.  I could see it coming but it hurt none the less.  I am SO attached to Madly & Jackson that I couldn't watch it but had to know what would happen.  That's when I started reading faster and faster needing to find out what would happen.  Couldn't put it down and stayed up late to finish.  Obviously I can't share it with you but I am gonna share the song from M. Leighton's playlist that reminds me of this part of the book.

Someone that I used to know by Gotye
Through the Glass by Stone Sour
You can catch the rest of the playlist for this book in the link below. 
I do have some quotes to share with you, a few things that I highlighted as I read.  AND if you missed that smokin' hawt swoon I had from this book a while back, you can check it out here.
Here's some more:
"Much as I'd like to stay here and explore that delicious body of yours, we'd better get going, my princess." That's Jackson
Yes, it was an important job, but I was pretty sure it was acceptable for him to breathe occasionally. Madly talking about someone very uptight
"Come here," he said, opening up arms that I could barely see. Yes more Jackson
"Get showered, get dressed and get back here! You've got some 'splaining to do." That would be Jersey demanding some answers.

"I haven't had a really good kiss in forever and all my girlie parts are gonna dry up if they don't get some attention.  I thought an internship in Slumber was supposed to be like rumspringa."

"I think ten thousand Amish people just passed out at that reference, Jersey," Kellina giggled.  I couldn't help but join her.  As far as tension breakers go, Jersey was a walking, talking ice pick. Yeah it's more Jersey

All he needed was a giant staff and a white robe to match his you-shall-not-pass glower.  Oh that's Aidan being protective.

Guess I should stop, but there were lots of them.

You for sure need to check out this series!


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    1. I LOVE the covers for this whole series - so beautiful.


  2. I will have to check out this series. It sounds so good. Great review!!

    1. You know we just keep adding to each others TBR pile - guess that's what friends do, huh.


  3. *sigh* THANK YOU SO MUCH! You. Are. Awesome.

  4. Eeeee! Can't wait to read this!

  5. I love this series! Great review, Valerie! I reviewed it a couple weeks ago, too. Have you read Michelle's Blood Like Poison series yet? It's just as fantastic as Madly & M. announced recently she's writing book 4. Woot! :)

    1. No I haven't read that one but I'm off to check it out now. Thanks. AND yes I know she writing book 4 - cannot wait!!!


  6. I think I am all kinds of fail right now T_T before people got to know my blog I 'think' I got a free copy of the first book... maybe on smashwords.... but I never got around reading it... Me and my aversion to eBooks... -I've kinda been overcoming it...but printed books will always be my priority T_T when choosing what to read...the only exception being if I had an eGalley to read- MY POINT IS!
    That now yours is the second blog in which I've seen that Madly has sequels T___________T

    now excuse me while I go and try to find my copy of the first one :'(

    ps....I'm thinking of a nickname for myself so I can sign my comments...~rubs imaginary beard~ I'm already a #1stalker of another I shall think one up....

    1. Girl! You make me laugh so much!!!! Glad you came stalking around and get on reading this series - it's super good!


    2. lol :D it's a gift hahahaha -not really- I just get too excited :'(

      and I know!! was actually your idea but still

      I shall be named....
      Alba-> The #1Latinostalker :D
      -we rocks!-

  7. love the series...still waiting for book 4