Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Anyone up for a Read-a-thon????


It's summer!
You know what that means, right???

 I don't know about you peeps but dang my TBR pile is out of control!!!

My solution??? READ-A-THON to clean that baby up!!!!

Here's the deets:

  • Gonna schedule it for June 22nd and 23rd.  Peeps can participate as much or as little as you want.  
  • We'll have a hashtag for talking to each other those two days #CleanUpTBRPile
  • Two mini challenges - one each day that you can choose to participate in or not.
  • Prizes for most pages read, most books read, and the mini challenges.
  • Random surprises
If you would like to participate, please sign-up using this form.

If you are an author and would like to donate prizes, please email me at valerie @ stuckinbooks.com or tweet @StuckInBooks or use the form.

This read-a-thon is for all genres, all age groups, and is only limited to cleaning up that list of books you need/want to read.  SO you can read old books or new releases or debuts or series or eBooks, or real books, or....., or..... You get the idea - right?

If you have suggestions for mini challenges or random surprises, I am so open to suggestions.  This is my first time sponsoring a read-a-thon.   Yeah, a certain author....um kinda convinced me to do this.  From here on out, she will be referred to as the author who shall not be named!  #JustKidding #TiffanyKing Tweet me, email me, or use the form.  Comments here are also welcome.

SQUEE!!!! I can't wait!!



  1. Hehehehe I don't know what your talking about......*ducking out of sight. LOL it all looks fabulous!!!

  2. Drat you're not your!!!! Curse you you're your you're ;)

  3. YAY I have been NEEDING a read-a-thon...my TBR has definitely gotten out of control!

  4. T___________T
    I think there's a trend here... noticed how many times I've started a comment with that face!! but girl! You got the most amazing ideas! either on reviews or THIS and... I'll sign up BECAUSE it's 2:12am and I know I'll regret it later, because I'm not good with...um reading under pressure or something...don't even know what I'm saying -_-
    Anyways... I'll sign up and just cross my fingers to read even a respectable...say like 4 pages? lol :D

    Off to sign up for this baby-you said it- hehehe

    #1Latinostalker :D

  5. Sounds great! I have a massive TBR pile and this will be the perfect thing to lessen it. (:

  6. This sounds like a really fun idea, but does this mean that I am going to have to give in and learn how to use twitter?