Monday, June 25, 2012

Obsidian by Jennifer L Armentrout ~ a student review

It may be summer but some of my crazy book loving students are still reviewing for me.  Check out Cora's take on Obsidian.

By Cora

The moment I read the back cover of Obsidian I knew it was going to be phenomenal, as if the name of the author already didn’t give that away. The first chapter was very intriguing as Katy or Kitten had her very first argument with Daemon within the first few pages. I liked how fast paced it was. I don’t like it when books take a year to get to the good parts but this book was all good part. One of my favorite parts, and trust me it was hard to pick one, was the part when Kitten woke up in Daemons arms. There was more than one but I'll let you figure out which one. I loved Daemons playful yet irritating personality and I enjoyed how Katy's character changed from being a boring pushover to the daring girl who had the courage to call the hot mysterious Daemon a duchebag. Obsidian is most definitely my favorite book, it even beats "Half-Blood" also by Jenifer L. Armentrout but they both were amazing reads. Obsidian totally came out on top and took a special place in my heart as it will yours.
I couldn't agree with her more! How about you? Have you read Obsidian yet?


  1. Great review Cora :) I loved Obsidian too!

  2. Great review Cora! Obsidian is one of my fave books of all time. So glad that you enjoyed it, and I agree that it is all good parts. :)

  3. I love to read teen reviews of YA books! I'm so happy you enjoyed Obsidian, Cora. Great review!

  4. Love how excited she is T_T makes me want to grab it right away...
    So, nope, that means I haven't read Jennifer's book... ANY haha
    but well, you know that already V. :D

    #1LatinaStalker :D

  5. Nice review Cora! I have read Obsidian and love it. I didn't think I would get into an "alien" book, but I don't associate this book with a sci-fi feel. Love it!

  6. Nice review!I would agree that the cover is intriguing. I would hope that this book is phenomenal as you claim to be. Thanks for the honest review.

  7. I haaven't read it yet but people seem to swear by it so i really need to get on!