Friday, June 29, 2012

Forever Changed by Tiffany King ~ Review

Source: Received review copy from author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

My Summary:

Maddon knows Kassandra Cole.  He's seen her around school. She's the captain of the cheer squad and in the popular crowd.  In other words, they don't run in the same crowd at all.While Kassandra has it all, Maddon has nothing.  Trying to avoid his alcoholic father and the beating that go with him, he's just trying to survive high school.  All that changes when Kassandra's father is lost in a terrible car accident.  The one responsible is the one Maddon's been avoiding.  Now he can't seem to avoid Kassandra.  Drawn to her strength, he never expected to be a part of her life but healing sometimes happens in unexpected ways changing people forever.

My Thoughts:

5 stars - A heart wrenching story of love and healing that I loved

What does one say of a Tiffany King book?  This is my second one and both times her characters captured my heart and didn't let go.  My heart broke for both Kassandra and Maddon.  I hurt for them.  I cheered for them.  I cried for them.  And I wanted to hug them.  Tiffany does a excellent job of creating strong, real characters and I believe that is what makes her books so fabulous.

Another thing that sets this book apart is the difficult topics that are addressed in it.  This isn't just a boy from the wrong crowd falls for a popular girl kind of story.  No, this story is dealing with some painful life issues along the way.  It feels real.  I recognize these issues from my students lifes and I'm so glad that there are books out there that will help young peeps as well as entertain them.

Another good one from Tiff.  Make sure you make time for Forever Changed, cause it's gonna have an effect on you.

Quotes I loved

He pulled back after a moment.  I opened my eyes to find him studying me intently.  Self-consciously, I loosened my hold on the back of his head.

"Don't," he said a bit raggedly.

"Don't what?" I asked confused.

"Don't let go of me," he said, dropping his lips back onto mine. (Kindle location 2421 or 5544)

"We have to becasue I'm not ready to give you up when I just found you." (Kindle location 4179 of 5544)

"Gotcha, now scram so I can kiss my girl one more time," he told Drake, never taking his eyes from mine. (Kindle location 4245 of 5544)

Check this one out!


  1. I haven't had a chance to read Tiffany's Contemp. books yet. This does sound like such an emotional story. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!

  2. This sounds like such a great book. I love those quotes!! I will have to get this one I think. Great review hon!!

  3. This book is definitely on my TBR! I loved Wishing for Someday Soon. Such an emotional, amazing read. I will definitely be reading this one too! Great quotes! :-)

  4. This is one I'm DYING to read! I think Tiff has found her niche with contemp YA

  5. Nice review. I'm really liking Tiffany as a contemporary author. She's doing great!

  6. I would love to read this Book, thanks for the great Review.

  7. I won this book in the Clean up TBR pile read-a-thon (wow that's a mouthful ;) and I read it yesterday.

    Tiffany has a real gift and I absolutely love her books - especially her contemp YA novels. The journies that her characters are on are enlightening and I think that is what sets her books apart from many others in the same genre.

    Great review Val :)

    1. Ugh I hate predictive text (and why it would change 'journeys' to 'journies' I have NO idea. Sorry I passionately dislike typos and you can't edit on here... Sorry, don't mind me :P

  8. Awwwww guys I seriously love you all!!!!! Valerie thank you for the beautiful review, this time you moved me to tears <3

  9. Like her book, "Wishing For Someday Soon", "Forever Changed" was a book that I couldn't put down and it totally sucked me in. I became very emotionally attached to the characters. Tiffany has a talent for finding the perfect balance in her books which is very difficult to pull off. She can write sentiment without being sappy, and handle complex issues and teen drama without resorting to the cliches and melodrama of the "after school special/ Lifetime movie" type storyline that tries too hard to be deep, or beats you over the head with the moral of the story. I also found her characters to be very realistic, relatable and likeable. I highly recommended this book! She writes touching stories that will effect you long after you finish them, and you will want to read them again.:)
    (I follow you on twitter as @ javalotta)

  10. I loved Wishing For Someday Soon and I really hope to read Forever Changed soon... it sounds like a really good book! I love the quotes you used... makes me wanna read it even more!

  11. This is also the second Tiffany King book I read and I fell in love with both. I too was rooting for both Maddon and Kass no matter what was happening in the story. I felt every emotion, not just from these two but from all the characters. I swooned over the scenes with Kass and Maddon together, wow he has a way with words and gestures. But my other favorite scenes were of Kass and Peanut. Those both broke me and made me smile. Another beautiful book from Tiffany King.