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Saving Beck by Courtney Cole ~ Happy Release Day & Excerpt

Reminiscent of the beloved novels by Mary Kubica and Jodi Picoult comes a chilling portrayal of a son’s addiction and its harrowing effects on both him and his mother from New York Times bestselling author Courtney Cole. SAVING BECK is now available! Check out the excerpt below, and pick up your copy of SAVING BECK today!



There comes a time when offering your life for your child’s doesn’t work, when you realize that it’ll never be enough.

The cold needle in his warm vein was a welcome comfort to my son at first. But then it became the monster that kept us apart.

Heroin lied, and my son believed. It took him to a world where the last year didn’t happen, to a place where his father was still alive. What Beck didn’t understand was that it couldn’t bring his father back from the dead. It couldn’t take away his pain, not permanently.

You think it can’t happen to you, that your kids, your family, will never be in this situation. I thought that too. But you’re wrong.

Step into our world, and see for yourself. Watch my golden boy become a slave to this raging epidemic. Watch me try and save him.

Drug addiction comes with a price. Trust me, you’re not equipped to pay it.

Don’t miss this heart wrenching, evocative, yet hopeful novel—it will leave you forever changed.


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  EXCERPT: “Isn’t that Taps?” I asked finally, and my eyes were wet. I didn’t look up from Angel’s lap. 
“My mom used to sing it to me when I couldn’t sleep. It was the only lullaby she knew,” Angels said, defensively. 
“I’m not attacking your mother,” I told her. 
“I know.” 
“Why did your mother send you away?” I asked, because Angel’s song was so sad, and her voice was so broken. “She must’ve loved you.”
She shrugged and held me tight, her fingers afraid to let go of me. 
“She said I was better off going back to foster care. That should she couldn’t afford to live on her own, and her boyfriend hated me. She said she wanted me to have a shot at life, and she couldn’t give to that to me.”
“I’m sorry.” I patted her back with my free hand. It was a mindless motion and it didn’t help, but I tried.“How long were you in foster care?”
“A while,” she answered. “The state thought I was better taken care of there. I lost my virginity to a foster father. I don’t have a sweet story like yours and Elin’s.” 
Her voice was bitter now and she was so hurt and she was so used. 
I wanted to pick her up and shield her from the world. 
I told her that. 
She laughed, a hard sound. “Too late, King,” she said. 
“It’s never too late,” I argued. 
She was thoughtful now. 
“So why did you leave your home?” she asked. “If it’s never too late. Maybe you should go back?” 
“It’s complicated,” I answered. “I can’t go back.” 
“But why? Your mom is a good mom, right?” 
I paused. “Yeah. She is. But she’s got her own shit going on. There’s a lot to deal with, you know. When someone dies.” 
“Yeah, I bet,” she answered. “But she probably misses you.” 
I shrugged. “It’s hard to say.”
The silence swallowed us up, and we wallowed in it, stretching our legs and swimming in it. 
“I was thinking that when this is done,” and she gestured toward my crown royal bag that held our stash, “that we should give it up.” 
That hit me in the face and I stared at her. 
“Give it up?” 
The idea was ludicrous, because without H, I’d feel everything. I wouldn’t be able to escape and there was nothing I wanted less than to do that. But Angel was nodding and she was serious. 
“I think we should,” she said finally. “Look what it did to my mother. She gave up her own kid. You left a good life behind. For what? For this?” she swept her arm around gesturing to the rickety walls of the warehouse. “We’ve got to make good on ourselves, King.” 
I eyed her. 
“What’s your real name?” I asked, trying to change the subject. She scowled. 
“Don’t do that. This is serious.” 
“So is your name,” I answered. 
“My name is Angel now,” she answered. “And I want us to get clean. We’ll have to do it together so we can help each other. We’ll get each other through it, King.” 
I stared at her hard, and she was so solemn, so determined.
“You can’t be serious,” I said and I was shaky just thinking about it. 
“I am,” she nodded. “You don’t know it because you haven’t seen it, but when I’m sober, I can do anything, King. We could get a little house, and be roommates. Winston can have his own little bed. You can go to college and I’ll get a GED, and we’ll have a life, King. A real life.” 
I thought on that for a second. 
A real life. 
I studied the track marks in my arm, and I knew what I’d have to give up. 
“I don’t know if I can,” I said truthfully. “I don’t know if I’m strong enough.”
“Of course you are,” Angel said firmly. “You just don’t know that right now. But I do, King.” 
“My name isn’t really King,” I told her. She smiled and in this moment, she was pretty, even with her jagged extra-short hair. 
“I know,” she answered. “I’m not stupid. But you’re my King, and I like it that way.” 
“Do you want to know my real name?” I gave her the choice, but she squeezed my hand. 
“No. That was then, and this is now. You’re King and I’m Angel.” 
She fell asleep, so I was left awake alone. 
I held her tight because she was all I had, and her breathing was soft and quick. It was still chilly enough in here to see her breaths in the air, but I kept her warm with my body. 
She’s Angel and I’m King. 
I thought about that. 
Then I thought about a time when I was still Beck. 
I was another person, with the world on a string and all the promises it had to offer sat on my lap. 
Potential was a shiny thing and I’d been full of it then, so much so that I couldn’t see past the bright promises. 
But with those promises came curses. If I hadn’t gone to Notre Dame that day, if we hadn’t stayed so long, then it wouldn’t have been so late when we drove home. Elin wouldn’t have called to check on me, and I wouldn’t have answered. My dad wouldn’t be dead.
My life would still be shiny and bright. 
I would still be at home and my mom would be making me banana pancakes on Saturdays. 
I was sure she’s still making them now for Dev and Annabelle. Thoughts of them hurt my heart and I missed them. I hadn’t allowed that for weeks and weeks, but it was true. 
I missed them. 
Looking down at Angel’s face, I wondered what they’d think of her. 
But I already knew. 
They’d take one look and know she’s an addict too, and I’d be just another disappointment. One of many. 
No matter how much I missed my life, that was then. This was now. 
Angel stirred and moaned a little and I soothed her quietly, my hand on her shoulder. 
“Shhh,” I said into her ear. “It’s going to be all right.” 
“King, promise me we’ll quit,” she said, half asleep. “Promise me.” 
I didn’t want to. I wanted to. I didn’t want to. 
“Okay,” I finally said. “Okay.” 
She smiled and her lips were curved and pink in the night. She was happy now, I realized with a start. 
“Sing to me,” she said. “Make me feel safe.” 
I sang her mother’s lullaby and she closed her eyes to sleep.

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About Courtney Cole: Courtney Cole grew up in rural Kansas and now lives with her husband and kids in Florida, where she writes beneath palm trees and is still in love with the idea of magic and happily-ever-after. She is the author of Saving Beck.

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Colleen Hoover delivers a tour de force novel about a troubled marriage and the one old forgotten promise that might be able to save it.

Quinn and Graham’s perfect love is threatened by their imperfect marriage. The memories, mistakes, and secrets that they have built up over the years are now tearing them apart. The one thing that could save them might also be the very thing that pushes their marriage beyond the point of repair.

All Your Perfects is a profound novel about a damaged couple whose potential future hinges on promises made in the past. This is a heartbreaking page-turner that asks: Can a resounding love with a perfect beginning survive a lifetime between two imperfect people?

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Teaser Tuesday ~ 7/17/18

This is a weekly bookish meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading.

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Colleen Hoover delivers a tour de force novel about a troubled marriage and the one old forgotten promise that might be able to save it.

Quinn and Graham’s perfect love is threatened by their imperfect marriage. The memories, mistakes, and secrets that they have built up over the years are now tearing them apart. The one thing that could save them might also be the very thing that pushes their marriage beyond the point of repair.

All Your Perfects is a profound novel about a damaged couple whose potential future hinges on promises made in the past. This is a heartbreaking page-turner that asks: Can a resounding love with a perfect beginning survive a lifetime between two imperfect people?

Now Available from Atria Books


"If you only shine light on your flaws, all your perfects will dim."
"I like," he says.
I wad up the fortune and flick it at the door like he did.
"I'm a grammar snob.  It should be your perfections."
"That's what makes me like it.  The one word they misuse is perfects.  Kind of ironic." (Kindle location 133 of the ARC)

This book is powerful and emotional.  It's all the Colleen Hoover stuff, you know?  

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The Boyfriend Whisperer by Linda Budzinski ~ Book Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway

The Boyfriend Whisperer 
Linda Budzinski 
Published by: Swoon Romance
Publication date: November 15th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult

As President and CEO of Boyfriend Whisperer Enterprises, Lexi Malloy is Grand View High School’s undercover Cupid. One problem: She’s stuck in the friend zone when it comes to her own crush, Chris Broder. She and Chris have been best friends since the third grade, and he doesn’t even seem to realize she’s is a member of the opposite sex.
When pretty and popular cheerleader Lindsay LaRouche hires Lexi to whisper Chris, she has to decide whether to place her commitment to her company—and Chris’s happiness—before herself.


I crank up Mumford & Sons on my iPod and pull up the Boyfriend Whisperer Enterprises files on my tablet. With Valentine’s ten days away, I need to plot out some big moves for my clients.
I start with Jolene. I watched Brendon staring at her this afternoon during the pep rally. He’s falling hard. No need to play it subtle. He likes spicy food, so Red Hots are an obvious choice, in a heart-shaped tin. What should the card say? Something super flirty. “Let’s heat it up on Valentine’s.” No … “spice it up.” I jot that down and move on to my next client.
Just as I’m picking out a sweet YouTube link I want her to send her BF-to-be, Coach Reilly pulls my earbud out and scares me half to death.
“Malloy! I’m talking to you. What are you working on?”
I slam my tablet shut. “What? Homework. Sorry. What do you need?”
She shoves my backpack to the floor and plops down beside me. “Let’s talk about tomorrow. We’re expecting scouts from all over. Rumor has it someone from U Conn might even turn up.”
She pauses as if to gauge my reaction, so I force a smile. “U Conn? Wow. That’s great.”
She leans in. “There’ll be a lot of buzz in that arena. Parents, coaches, other players. They’ll all be talking about the scouts and about you and your future. Here’s the thing: You need to ignore them.”
“Ignore them.”
“Exactly. You have one job tomorrow, and that’s to play the best game Alexis Malloy knows how to play. Run, pass, shoot, rebound. That’s it. The rest is static. Ignore the static.”
“Got it. Static.”
Coach furrows her brow. “You nervous?”
“Maybe a little.”
She pats my arm as she stands. “A little nervousness is good. You’ve got this, Malloy. You can do it.”
I smile and slump back into my seat. The fact is, I’m not at all nervous. I only said that so she wouldn’t launch into a lecture about being too cocky. She’s forever vacillating between warning me not to be too nervous and not to be too cocky, when in reality, I’m neither. The truth is, when it comes to college scouts, I just wish they’d leave me alone.

Author Bio:
My young adult novels, EM & EM (2015) and THE FUNERAL SINGER (2013), were both published by Swoon Romance YA. My upcoming novel, THE BOYFRIEND WHISPERER, scheduled for publication in fall of 2016 by Swoon, received the Romance Writers of America Young Adult Chapter’s 2015 Rosemary Award and the Virginia Chapter’s 2015 Fool for Love Award.
I live in Northern Virginia with my husband, Joe, and our feisty chihuahua, Demitria (also known as Dee Dee, The Puppy, and Killer). I’m a sucker for romance and reality TV and have been known to turn off my phone’s ringer when watching “The Bachelor.”
My favorite flower is the daisy, my favorite food is chocolate, and my favorite song is “Amazing Grace.”
When I’m not writing, I work in nonprofit management. I’m represented by the amazing Andrea Somberg of Harvey Klinger Inc.



Mate Claimed by Jennifer Ashley ~ Review

Collared and controlled, Shifters are outcast from humanity, forced to live in Shiftertowns. But waiting within are passions that no Collar can contain…

As a wildcat Shifter and leader of his Shiftertown, Eric Warden knows his own kind. When he sees Iona Duncan, he realizes that although she appears human, she is a half-Shifter wildcat living without a Collar—and that if she doesn't acknowledge her true nature and her mating hunger, it may kill her…

Iona finds the mysterious and powerful Eric alluring, even though she has vowed never to reveal her Shifter side, lest her mother pay the price for hiding her all these years. But her mating hunger is rising, and with Eric so close, she may not be able to resist…and her desire may lead to the very doom they are fighting to deny…

Another Unbound shifter book! Yes please!

The series shifts to Las Vegas as the story picks up a thread from Wild Cat.  Iona met the leader of the Vegas Shiftertown at a bar during that book.  It's a memorable meeting because Iona is only half human.  Half human and half wild cat, something she doesn't want anyone to know.  She lives in the human world and her mother has hidden her half shifter side to protect her.  The problem is that it's getting harder to hide that side of herself.  Her need run, her need to shift, her mating hunger...all risk her of losing everything she has build in her human life.  And her mother would be at risk.

Problem is...Eric feels responsible for her.  She loosing control and he can tell.  But she fights him every step of the way.  They banter and she pushes against his dominance.  He wants her as his.  She's hungery for him.  Yeah, it's a fun battle between them.

But the story is more complex than him trying to protect her and her trying to hide her shifter side.  The company Iona runs is in construction.  Eric needs her for that reason too.  Because Eric is fighting an enemy from within.  The politics of the human world and the shifter world is never stable.  Shifters need to play a smart game as well as a strong game.  It certainly makes this one interesting.

More great shifter romance.  This one could easily be read stand alone but why?  The whole series is so good.  Enjoy everyone of them.


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