Monday, June 18, 2012

It's a Read-a-thon to clear-up that TBR pile

Is your reading pile taking over?  Then join us for two days of fun as we work that pile down a little.

June 22nd & June 23rd - 12AM EST Friday to 12AM EST Sunday

Two mini challenges - one each day

Prizes for challenges, most pages read, most books read and random surprises.

If you are an author who would like to donate a prize, please contact me by email (valerie @  or fill our the registration form.

Updated to include writers! If you would like to write instead of read, that will count for this as well.  Join us.

If you haven't already signed up - fill out the form here.  Must be signed up for the read-a-thon to win prizes.

Prize Pile so far: (Updated to include more prizes AGAIN)

Swag pack from Tiffany King
(2) Ta Ta for NowXOXOXO (eBook) by Bethany Lopez Plus bookmark & magnet
What a Boy Wants & What a Boy Needs (eBooks) by Nyrae Dawn
Random swag pack from StuckInBooks (Might include JLA stuff)

Mini-challenges will include a puzzle of covers for you to figure out & something to do with that favorite male hotty you have.

Random surprises will take place on twitter.

Participating on twitter is not required BUT will be fun.  Our hashtag is #CleanUpTBRPile 


  1. This is gonna be great! Thanks Berhany for directing me here! Xo

    ~just continuously crossing my fingers to be able to be on twitter~

    #1LatinaStalker :D

  3. I've just signed up!
    My eyes are ready, my Kindle is full charged and my TBR pile is excitedly waiting! ;)

  4. Ok, I filled out the form & it says it recorded it, so I'm hoping it did! Let m know if it didn't! Also question... I'm in the middle of a book right now... if I don't get it finished until after midnight tonight, which from the way it looks I won't get to finish before then... can I count that or skip that? I want to be fair, so I asked. Might seem stupid to ask, but hey I don't want that to be unwitingly cheating or something =S

  5. Lyns,

    I'd say that you can count the pages in your page count but not the whole book in your book count. If it's half a book, then put it down like that.

    Thanks for participating. And yes your entry showed up.


    1. Awesome! Ok, I just started this morning & if I get to read any today the 3/4 to half is where I'll be tonight. I will keep track & write it down! Excited for this... I have tons of books on my Kindle Fire Carosel that need to be read, now let's just hope everyone leaves me alone long enough lol!

  6. I'm signed up as well, can't wait. I plan to chill this weekend so it is perfect.

  7. Here is my list :D

  8. Here's my list. This sounds like fun!

    Fates Design by Lola James
    The Summer I learned to Dive by Shannon McCrimmon
    What a Boy Needs by Nyrae Dawn
    Dissolve by Andrea Heltsey
    The Eyes of the Desert Sand by Edwin Wolfe
    Ellen @ Always YA at Heart