Monday, June 25, 2012

#CleanUpTBRPile Winners!!

So my first every read-a-thon was EPIC!

Here are the spoils, peeps!!

THIS is an ordered list of winners.  I will be emailing each set to choose off the PRIZE pile at the bottom of this post.  I will update the list by crossing off prizes that have been claimed as they are chosen.  Winner, please wait to hear from me before choosing a prize.

Picking order:

#1 Randomly picked people who rocked their goal

Alicia (@dmr_8888) (gift card)
Rebecca McKinnon(WaBW & WaBN)
Kristy Atkinson (Forever Changed eBook)

#2 Randomly picked people who read tons

Annaiss (Random Swag pack from StuckInBooks)
Erika Stroup (Wicked Nights ARC)
sary rodriguez (Living with the dead series)

#3 Randomly picked people who wrote tons

Janiera (Transfer Student)
Bethany Lopez (Signed Forever Changed)
Faye (@daydreamin_star) (Shift)

#4 Randomly picked people who read most books

Tabitha S. (Dante's girl)
Fara @ Tumbling In Books (Wishing for someday soon)
Tiffany Mahaffy (The Childe)

#5 Winner of Challenge 1 (Vote for hawtie)

Entry #7 Tristan Archer submitted by mecharodriguezo (Madly & the Jackal)

#6 Randomly picked puzzle with correct answers (Challenge 2)

Lindsey Greer-Smith (Beginnings)


#7 Twitter random 1 (The Childe)

#8 Twitter random 2 (Signed Last Rite)

#9 Twitter random 3 (TaTa set)

#10 Twitter random 4 (The One)

#11 Twitter random 5 (Tiffany King swag pack)

#12 Twitter random 6 (Exiled)

#13 Twitter random 7 (Reveal)

#14 Twitter random 8 (Ta Ta set)

Last three prizes will go to these participates who were randomly selected:

Kandee (Soul Sisters)
Brittni guillen (Annexed)
Jennifer Fountain (The Siren ARC)

Prize Pile

Swag pack from Tiffany King
(2) (1) Ta Ta for NowXOXOXO (eBook) by Bethany Lopez Plus bookmark & magnet
What a Boy Wants & What a Boy Needs (eBooks) by Nyrae Dawn
Random swag pack from StuckInBooks (Might include JLA stuff)

THANK YOU all the wonderful peeps who donated prizes for this event!!! I was blown away by your generosity.
THANK YOU Tiffany King me to do this!!

THANK YOU everyone who participated and made this event fabulous!!!

I am planning another Read-a-thon - a little different - but if you're interested make sure and come back tomorrow. I'll have the save-the-date up for it then. But here's a peek. 

August 17th, 18th & 19th (Just after Onyx's release)
Jennifer L Armentrout Read-a-thon


  1. wow that is a lot :D congrats to everyone!

  2. That's a whole lotta people! Lol! Congrats everyone! And it was a lot of fun! Thanks for doing it!

  3. Awesome! :D
    Congrats to everyone who participated, as well as the winners.

  4. OMG!!! Congrats chick!! So amazing! I can't wait til your next one!! I am SO in! I just didn't have time this weekend! :(

  5. Congrats, everybody!!

    Oooh, thanks for the teaser, can't wait!

  6. INA!!! Congrats girl!!! >.<

    I enjoyed this Valerie :) hope to take part in the next one :)

    #1LatinaStalker :D

  7. Woohoo!! Thanks chick!! This was so fun! I look forward to doing this again for sure!! Congrats to all of the other winners!!