Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's a JLA Read-a-thon so SAVE the date!!!

So this fall & winter is the age of Jennifer L Armentrout!!

She has 5 1/2 books coming out in a 5 month span.  The girls a writing machine.  So much fabulousness is blowing my little book brain!!  Here's her schedule:

So to prepare & enjoy this 5 months of JLA, I thought I would love to re-read the books that are leading up to these upcoming releases.  AND I'd love for YOU to join me.


I'm organizing a JLA Read-a-thon to re-read her books together. (#JLAReadathon)

I decided on dates right after the release of Onyx and I want you to save the dates on your calendar.

August 17th
August 18th
August 19th

I just organized my first read-a-thon and it was so much fun.  Here's the things I'm currently thinking of:

3 challenges (1 a day)
Random stuff on twitter
Chat with JLA - (she's already on board with that)
Twitter party

I'm still thinking things up and are so open to suggestions.  But if you are a HUGE JLA fan, like I am, maybe you want to join me for this little event.  Maybe you've NEVER read her books, and need an excuse to jump in.  I would love to have you join me.  

Have some fab blogger that also love JLA on board too.  So expect this to grow.  Have talked to publishers about getting some prizes!!

Leave me a way to contact you in the comments if you're interested.


  1. Can't wait for this! I've only read two of her books so far, so this will be the perfect chance for me to catch up!

  2. count me in too


  3. I will mark the dates, I just finished Daimon, and am reading Half-blood now, plan to read Lux series too. I just had put off to get closer to dates of new realeases, so it works out good. I will participate either first time reading some or re-do. I did a review on Daimon already, and will do one on Half-bood when done. I gave 5 stars. I like her world and writing just about as much as I love Cassandra Clare, and thats saying alot for me. I have room for a few favs, lol. Here is my blog if you want to check it out. In the middle of reorganize and design. still looking for the perfect background, lol.

    Concise Book Reviews

  4. Oh, I would looove to do this! I've already read, like, every book that's come out already, and I wouldn't mind re-reading them a thousand times more!


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  6. Count me in! I got a read-a-thon game, if you wanna see it let me know.

  7. You know I'm in!! I don't really need an excuse to re-read any of her books, I do that already. ;) You know how to contact me.

  8. So can't wait for this! I love all of JLA's books!! :D

  9. I so so so wish I could do this, but I'll be on vacation! Gahh maybe I'll just bring all my JLA books with me and do it in spirit!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  10. Girl you KNOW I am in.
    But I ain't missing my sleep. I can't go with no sleep hehe

  11. I'm in, Valerie!!!

    spreadmywingsblog at hotmail dot com

  12. I love this idea!! :) I'm in! ;)

  13. I'm so in! Will give me the chance to read the Lux series, lmao!

  14. I have marked my calendar! I am so in on this and can't wait! I love JLA :) Thank you!!!

    thebumblegirl at rocketmail dot com

  15. This sounds fun. :) I'll need to pick up the books I'm missing, but I've been meaning to do that anyway. :) I should be done the revisions on my own book by then, and if not surely I can spare three days for something fun.

    I Write, I Read, I Review

  16. Sounds good! Count me in :)

    k_atkinson1 (at) hotmail (dot) com
    or twitter kristyatkinson

  17. I would love to do this! Sounds like great fun :)


  18. Yes, yes, yes! Count me in!!!! What a fantastic idea!

    Book Me!
    @BookMeReviews (Twitter)

    I'm really excited for this, I just adore Jennifer!!!!!!

  19. I'm in! :)
    I have some of JLA books and they've been waiting so long to be picked up!


  20. you know i am always on!!!!
    tara - taterbeans85@gmail.com or @tarataterbeans

    soooo damn excited!

  21. @loveyabooks4eva on twitter email loveyabooksforever@gmail.com

    I have tons of pics of Daemon Invasion Orlando if you need them :) count me in.

  22. I'd love to join!
    Maybe by then I can get um... one of her books :)
    We'll see how it goes xD but yey for Jennifer being so awesome :P


  23. Count me in.



  24. I love JLA, so I'm so tempted to join this! I don't know if I can though. the 19th is my Dad's birthday, so that's one of the few days that I refuse to read because there are other things to focus on. Gah. This is so troubling! lol

  25. This looks like fun ! I have Obsidian and Half-Blood and want to read them! I hope it's not to late to join


    1. Not to late to join. Sign-ups will be up in a couple of weeks.


  26. Very cool idea, Valerie!

    Man, I wish I could do this, but I'll be knee deep in cardboard boxes and packing peanuts. Might not even have internet hooked-up yet. If you do another in the fall though... I'm so in ;)