Friday, June 8, 2012

Experts say ~ Armchair BEA

Today is the last day of Armchair BEA and it's been so much fun!  I LOVE talking to other people that are as passionate about books as I am.  Thanks to everyone who talked to me or left a comment on my blog.  You guys ROCK!

Today's topic is asking the experts about blogging.  Well, I don't feel like an expert at all.  I've been blogging since January of 2011 and it's been a learning experience the whole way.  I have two things for you though.

The one thing that has been very important for me is the asking.  No one is gonna come to you as a new blogger.  You have to ask for things. 

  • Ask publishers for titles in respectful helpful ways.  Remember to include what you have done for them with links and tell them what you willing to do for them with words. 
  • Ask authors for interviews.  Really authors want to promote their books and interviews help.  I've learned that talking to them on twitter about their book is a good way to start that conversation.
  • Ask other bloggers for help.  Bloggers are some the nicest people I have ever met.  If you get stuck with something, ask.  I think twitter is the best way to develop the relationships with other bloggers.  Then just tweet your question.
The other thing I'd say is to comment on other blogs yourself.  Comment love is like karma and it comes back two-fold.

SO that's it for me.  What about all of you? Got any fabulous advice for me?? Please share cause I don't feel like an expert at all!!!


  1. Great advice and here is my comment love! :)

    Aren't bloggers the best people EVER?! I've met some really fantastic people during my time blogging.

    Something I haven't done much of is approaching authors and publishers, whether it's for ARCs or interviews. I'd really love to do more interviews... ARCs, not so much. While I love free books and getting them in advance, not really the reason I got into blogging. But I do love helping to promote great reads!

  2. Terrific advice and so true. Looks like you're doing really well. Congratulations!

    This has been a great week. I've "met" a lot of wonderful bloggers and have really enjoyed visiting the other sites.

  3. I don't know about advice since it seems that you're doing very well for yourself! However, you make a great point about being proactive about things you want done. I need to definitely get better about going after an interview or book I'd like to check out. Great meeting you!

  4. I agree, asking will get you going - no one is just going to offer you stuff.

  5. I totally agree about Twitter and commenting, I just wish I had more time for it.
    Check out my Day 5 post if you’d like

  6. Great ideas. I never even thought about approaching authors on twitter for interviews.

  7. This is great advice (especially about asking for interviews, etc.). I'm going to work on getting up the courage to be a bit more proactive about my blog. Thanks!

  8. Great advice, Valerie! I did that very thing when I first started three years ago. One of the first things I remember asking who I call my blogging mentor, Ryan at Wordsmithonia, was how to make my blog three columns. LOL! And yes, comments are the love of the blogging world.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today. =O)

  9. Great post, I linked it on twitter :) I am not a book blogger per se, I just post reviews of what I'm reading that I acquire on my own. I agree on using twitter and soliciting the help of other book bloggers who have successful blogs. Everyone is so nice!

  10. Beautiful tips!! :) If you ask, you can get at least an answer. If you don't ask, well, then I guess I shouldn't be complaining :P You're perfectly right! :) Glad you had fun at aBEA! It was an awesome even I'll cheerish for a long time to come ;) Enjoy!

  11. Thanks for the wonderful advice- I'll definitely be using some of these tips in the future! :)

  12. Of COURSE you were the one to point out the one thing I'm really bad at...
    Asking for things T_T
    From help to tips to favors :'/ I'm BAD BAD BADDDDDD at that :/

    So I'll try my best o change that bit by bit :D

    Here's my Ask the Experts if you'd like to stalk!->

  13. I'm hopeless at asking for things. But I intend on taking your advice and just start trying.

    Thanks for the advice :)

    Happy aBEA.

  14. Totally great advice!

    I love bloggers. I've always had them respond nicely!

    It's scary to first send request emails out, but you don't know if they'll accept if you don't try! I actually had a publisher send me a finished copy instead of an ARC. It blew me away! SO awesome.

  15. These are totally great advice, I have been having problems in requesting books from Publishers. It seems that I've been turned down quite often due that I'm an International Blogger.

    I totally agree with commenting, thats why I love Memes with linky list it's much easier to comment on blogs.

    Thank you for the wonderful advice.

    We Fancy Books