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Wicked Nights by Gena Showalter ~ Review & Giveaway

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Source: Received ARC from Publisher in exchange for a fair & honest review

Adult Paranormal Romance +18

My Summary:

It started with a dream on her 18th birthday that changed her.  Now accused of brutal deaths of her parents, Annabelle fights to survive her incarceration with the criminal insane.  But it isn't the inmates she needs to worry about, no it's the demons that continue to come for her.  When the leader of heavens most powerful army finds her, she isn't sure if she can trust him to help her or if he's even willing to help her.  Colder than anyone she's ever met, she's not sure she can break through his heart of ice.  If she does, will he save her or be her final downfall.

My Thoughts:

5 stars - A sexy, funny, twisting ride that will surprise you!!!

Um...dang I loved this book!!! Haven't always had the best luck with angel/demon stories but this one rocked.  I absolutely loved the frozen hearted Zacharel with snow falling from his wings; the broken Annabelle who's NOT so broken but fighting every step of the way; the rag-tag group of warrior angels that learned loyalty to Z; and the fabulous twists that surprised me!  Yes, I was surprised.  THAT just doesn't happen.  Okay sometimes I guess wrong and things are not as I predict but surprise?  Yeah, no.  AND I was still trying to figure it out down the last few pages. 

A fabulous angel/demon world that was more complex than most - answering issues I've had with other such stories, Wicked Nights is grounded in a modern world.  I like that.  I usually need that grounding to keep up with all the fantasy.  There were some serious morals going on in this tale that didn't feel like religion being thrown in your face.  I loved this one:

"Then I will choose for you, for there cannot be life without death, or action without consequences." pg 392

This book is dripping with passion and our icy angel doesn't stay that way.  I adore the relationship between Zacharel and Annabelle.  She won't be led or ordered.  He is a leader with his heart encased in ice who won't be disobeyed.  Together they become something far more.  As it should be.

Then there are the adorable moments between them.  I want to share this one but won't tell you the page, well cause.

"Really?  You'll let me, without pouting like a baby?"
"First, I never pout.  I ponder, and probably quite sexily."

LOVED that!!! It's like an all time favorite quote right there!!!

If you love the paranormal romance, then pick this one up TODAY!

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  1. Love Gena Showalter! This book looks just as good as any of her others!

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  3. I love Gena's Lords of the Underworld series and I'm so glad she did this spin-off series for the angels! Can't wait for Wicked Nights to show up in my mailbox! :-)

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  11. Great review! These type of books are my guilty pleasure. I have a soft spot for angels and demons.

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives