Saturday, January 3, 2015

What 2014 Had and What 2015 Might


What 2014 had...

I read 164 books in 2014.


Not all of them I wanted to read.

And that's not fun.

So, while I'm pleased that I read so many, I want to make a change to what I read this next year.

These are the books I read.

I enjoyed many of them.
42 are 5 star reads for me.
77 are 4 star reads for me.
38 are 3 star reads for me.
6 are 2 star reads for me.
1 is a 1 star read for me.

You can find the review on StuckInBooks in our Archive.
(Jess built the archive and I so love it.)
(Ohmygosh, thank you! I so love you. -Jess)

I read 100 books in 2014.

Which was kind of off the mark for my challenge. Partly because of TIME and partly because I pushed myself through some books when I'd rather have been reading something else. I try not to do that too often--because it seriously can affect my review, and that's no bueno--but it happened sometimes. I'm changing that this year.

(Probably because I failed at my challenge)
(Which was 115 books)

But here are the books I read...

I read some great books!
42 are 5 star reads for me.
34 are 4 star reads for me.
16 are 3 star reads for me.
7 are 2 star reads for me.
1 is a 1 star read for me.

I didn't review every single book I read this year, but a majority of them I did! You can check out my reviews in the StuckInBooks archive, the Just a Booklover archive, and the Bookish archive.
(SO MANY ARCHIVES! But yeah. The reviews are disbursed.)

What 2015 might hold...

What changes am I making for 2015?

First, my reading goal is a lot less than I read last year.

I'm a moody reader.  If I'm not in the mood for paranormal but that's what's up on the schedule, then I don't enjoy it as much as I might have.  That's not fair to me or the author.  So this year, I want to cut down on tour reviews where I'm required to read a book by a certain time.  I need to read them when I want so I enjoy them and so I give the best recommendation that I can.

There will still be lots going on with the blog.  Giveaways, cover reveals, reviews, and blasts.  Especially now that Jess has joined me.  Now we can read/review more but do it in a way that makes it better for everyone because there is TWO of us.

So what's up first?  This...


Definitely in the mood to read this and I'll be posting about it next week for the release too!


I'm going to finish those series' that I started and never had time to read the last book! *cries*

First up is The Sweet Trilogy by Wendy Higgins.

I read the first two but haven't read the last one. 

I WANT to read the last one.

So, I'm going to.

So what's going on this year?

I'm going to be way more relaxed about how much I read--and WHAT I read.

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Like Val, I'm a mood reader. When I'm in the mood to read something, I want to read it. When I don't feel like reading a certain book, I want to be able to put it aside until I AM in the mood to read it. When I go against this, it affects my enjoyment of the book and that's no fun. So this year I'm cutting down on tour reviews. I'll still do some, of course. But not as many as I've done in the past. That way I don't have to stick to a set schedule on reading things--I can pick them up when I'm in the mood for it.

Val and I are both completely in sync on this, so we'll still have LOTS OF FUN SHENANIGANS going on. It'll just be less stressful for us. YAYS!

I'm kicking off my year with this...

This is the first Sarah J. Maas book for me, so I am alllll kinds of excited. I plan to read Throne of Glass this month, too, since it's the Bookish TBR Pile Challenge Read-a-Long book. So that will also be happening.

So a more chill reading year. (Just wait--I finally stop freaking over how many books I read and then this will be the year I reach like 200. Hehe.) There was actually one more thing I discussed on Twitter that I think I should mention here.

I said I want to be more ME on Twitter.

Here's the thing about me: More often than not, I'm nervous. More often than not, it's about what other people think of me. So I worry over what I say on Twitter all the time, thus resulting in me holding back a lot. I'd seriously skip whole days of talking to my lovely Twitter friends simply because I thought every single thing I had to say was stupid.

I don't like that.

So this year, I'm just...being ME. On Twitter, here (though I kind of already was here, in case you hadn't noticed), and ALLL OOOOVER THE PLAAACE. It could be very amusing for y'all, so that'll be fun.


That's our 2014-2015 post thingy! What do you think? Do you have any goals for 2015? Making any changes? Leave us a comment!

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  1. Wow! 164 books. That's a terrific effort even if you didn't quite enjoy all of them. I made it just over 100, and like you, there were a few I didn't like as much as I had hoped.