Saturday, January 3, 2015

Book Boyfriend ~ 1/3/15

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So my book boyfriend for the week is

Kaidan Rowe

From The Sweet Trilogy by Wendy Higgins
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One of my goals this year is to finish reading all the series' that I've started.

This is the first one that's getting finished.

In preparation for reading Sweet Reckoning, I have re-read (or listened to the audiobook) of Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril.  So I've been spending time with KAI.

I have so much Kai in my head!

And, I so love Kaidan Rowe, son of Pharzuph the Duke of Lust.

Wade Poezyn as Kai
Why do I love him?

Let me counts the ways...

That guy, the drummer?  Get this.  He's a killer musician, he gets tons of chicks, his dad’s loaded, and if that wasn’t enough, he’s got a friggin’ English accent!

He was smokin' hot.  As in H-O-T-T hott.  I'd never understood until that moment why girls insisted on adding an extra T.  This guy was extra-T worth.


This guy was sexy like it was his job or something.

“What do you want from me Kai,” “For starts,” his voice lowered to sexy dangerous depths. “I want to introduce myself to every freckle on your body.”

"Mmm."  He moaned, having not even touched me yet.  "What?" I asked, muffled by the poofy pillow.  "Oh, nothing.  It's just that you've got quite the nice little--"  I flipped to my side, glaring hard.  He put up his hands.  "Sorry!  A guy can't help but notice.  Truly--best behavior--starting now."


Kissing was far more blissful and intimate than I'd dared to let myself imagine.  His cheeks and chin were rough, but our lips were soft together, careful and slow.  I felt his hunger as his lips moved a bit harder, which I found that I wanted.  His hand went to my waist, outlining my hip.  I could have kissed him all night.  It was the most wonderful feeling in the entire world.

In a moment of boldness I caught Kaidan's pinkie with mine, knowing nobody would be able to see.  I felt his hand go stiff, and then we were suddenly moving to the side.  He led me by the little finger, weaving between people until we ducked down a set of narrow stairs into a dark cellar doorway, hidden by shadows.  Euphoria exploded inside me at our nearness.  His mouth found mine in the dark, fiery and rough.


"Is everything okay?"  I asked, wondering for the first time why he was here.  It took him a moment to answer, as our greedy eyes soaked each other in.  "I just needed to see that you're well.  And it seems you are."


My hands went straight to his hair, fingers tangling in the silky waves.  This was a kiss unlike any we'd experienced so far--possessive and consuming, tapering off into the sweetest, most tender pecks and then back to possessive again.

Um...yeah, I could go on and on.  I adore Kai and I'm reading Sweet Reckoning this next week!  Do you know Kai?  Have you read the whole series?  What do you think of him?

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  1. I so love Kai. Basically anything that he says I swoon over. I too have yet to read Sweet Reckoning but I plan to very soon. I'm horrible with finishing up a series I never want them to end.

  2. Aah, love Kai so much!! I really need to read the last book but I doubt my love for Kai can increase ;)