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Scorched by Jennifer L. Armentrout ~ Review & More of JLA Month!

Scorched (Frigid, #2)
Source: Val picked this one up for me at BEA!

Scorched (Frigid #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Sometimes life leaves a mark…

Most days, Andrea doesn’t know whether she wants to kiss Tanner or punch him in the gut. He is seriously hot, with legit bedroom eyes and that firefighter body of his, but he’s a major player, and they can’t get along for more than a handful of minutes. Until now.

Tanner knows he and Andrea have had an epic love/hate relationship for as long as he can remember, but he wants more love than hate from her. He wants her. Now. Tomorrow. But the more he gets to know her, the more it becomes obvious that Andrea has a problem. She’s teetering on the edge and every time he tries to catch her, she slips through his fingers.

Andrea’s life is spiraling out of control, and it doesn’t matter that Tanner wants to save her, because when everything falls apart and she’s speeding toward rock bottom, only she can save herself.

Sometimes life makes you work for that happily ever after…


I've been sitting here staring at my screen, at a complete loss for how to out into words everything I want to say about this book. I could give you the short version--Scorched is an important, amazing book that I loved and you should definitely read--but I don't feel like that's right. I feel like I need to expand. Only thing is--how? And where do I start?

Welp, I still have no clue so I'm just going to jump right in.

Jennifer L. Armentrout has written lots of books. I have read a large majority of them. (This is probably where you're like WHAT? YOU HAVE NO READ THEM ALL? And to that I say no. I like having them on my shelf/kindle for whenever I really need a JLA fix.) But anyway... She's written loads of books, and I've read all except a handful. Scorched was, in my opinion, her deepest and most raw story to date.

Now, that is a very personal opinion, largely based off of the fact that I GOT Andrea. Like, on a level that was kind of scary, but also amazing because it's rare that this happens. I connect with characters all the time. They can be easy to relate to, they can seem perfect to get along with. But when it comes to THIS PARTICULAR portion of myself... Andrea hit it right on the nail. And that was invaluable to read.

Andrea has issues, which I'm not going to go in depth about here because you'll learn all about them when you read Scorched. (Or you already know because you've already read it!) Besides that, she's also a pretty cool chick. Funny, snarky, and a genuinely good person.

Tanner is the perfect counter to Andrea. He's strong, kind, and supportive. A serious charmer. It was so easy to love him. Honestly, the farther I got into this book, the more my heart melted. He wasn't perfect, but he was a seriously good guy. And I loved him. Of course.

The romance between Tanner and Andrea had a lovely balance between sweet and hot. There were smexy times, and there were also many times where I totally swooned because dear goodness, Tanner. TANNER. There was also a big message throughout this book regarding happily ever afters, and I have to say... It was beautiful witnessing Andrea working to earn hers, and Tanner being so supportive to be there with her. 

Written in alternating POV between Andrea and Tanner, we got a well-rounded view of the story and Andrea's situation. Both Andrea and Tanner had very clear, distinct voices, and it was interesting to see how things played out in Andrea's head and then how Tanner viewed it all. How she was dealing, and he was sticking by her...even when they weren't actually in the same place. I am so glad we got two sides to this story, and Jennifer L. Armentrout wrote them both incredibly well.

Overall, Scorched is a stunning and hopeful story about finding the strength to earn your happily ever after, even when the odds seem to be stacked against you. It's romantic and beautiful and I totally shed some tears.

ALSO, quick note: This IS a companion to Frigid. However, both Scorched and Frigid stand alone. Reading Scorched ruins nothing for Frigid except the fact that Kyler and Syd end up happy together--which...duh. So no worries there! And if you read Frigid and are basing your decision to pick Scorched up off of that... I suggest you give Scorched a shot. They are so, so different.

5 stars - A fantastic, important story of finding the strength to earn your happily ever after.

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  1. Great review!!! But I do believe that both books can work well as a series! :) Thank you for the giveaway too!

  2. I like the variety of topics that she writes about.

  3. i love the different types of books she writes

  4. I have Scorched ready to read on my "Me Reads" Shelf. I love that you connected and totally got the Andrea. Tanner sounds very charming, lovable, sweet, and swoon-worthy! I'm glad you enjoyed their story so much!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  5. Girl, after that review, I am dying to meet Tanner! He sounds like such a great guy. I want to know what happened to Andrea!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace