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JLA Month on StuckInBooks ~ Love JLA, let us count the ways!

Welcome to our SHENANIGANS!


So...we love JLA.  Time to count the ways!
(There are MANY.)

The first JLA book I ever read was Half Blood.  I immediately fell for Alex’s snarky ways!  AND Aiden’s protective hotness!

For me, my first JLA book was Obsidian. I’d been wanting to read it for a while, and when I finally got my hands on it… goodness, I was in LOVE, y’all.

So it doesn’t matter where you start, her characters pull you in so fast.

And her stories pull you into worlds that are so easy to immerse yourself in.

I love her worlds! Mythology, Aliens, GARGOYLES, and more!  Seems like she could make a story out of any type of creature/situation.

I still waiting for the were-llamas. I AM COUNTING ON WERE-LLAMAS.

Then there’s her ability to surprise me.  I mean, I read A LOT.  And I do mean A LOT.  But this author has a talent for having my jaw drop while reading.  Can I just say...THE COVENANT series! And we will NOT go into the reasons.

Plus, the humor of Jen’s novels is one of a kind. No matter which one of her books I pick up, I KNOW I’m going to get some laughs and giggles.

She has like classic JLA can so tell she’s the author by reading the humor.  It’s so her.  And I love how all her characters have just a little bit of her in them.

AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE ROMANCE AND HOT GUYS? Because, ahem. Swoon. Daemon, Cam, Aiden, Seth, and dear goodness so many more.

Oh. My. Goodness.  Exponentially HOT GUYS! Okay, yeah, that’s a math teacher thing to say but seriously it’s the best way to describe how she repeatedly comes up with so many guys that just have me swooning all over the place.  

Also, hot guys + FANTASTIC banter = heck to the yes.

YES! And that banter is because her girls are strong women who aren’t willing to back down from all that sexy hotness!  I’m thinking ALEX, KATY for the girl win!

In general, Jen writes some seriously kickass characters all around. They can be strong and smart and straight-up awesome. And, of course, pretty darn funny.

AND real!  I love how her books often times add some very powerful real issues that bring the feels.  Scorched just about did me in on the feels!

You know, I’m also loving her series enders. Sentinel was great, and Opposition… I can’t even. ALL OF THE GOOD, NOSTALGIC, HAPPY FEELINGS.

Agree! She wraps up a story nicely.  That’s why I’m super excited about Every Last Breath.  Since she stilled my worry over one issue I was stewing over...I can’t wait to see how things play out.  I’ll even be happy about Roth.  I just need...well you know what I needed to know.


I know you are and I love Roth...really I do.  I just love Zayne too..and well I can’t have him have some second hand consolation prize! *cough*Danika*cough* But I mean discussed it rationally with Jen and I’m feeling just fine about things.  AND NO I DO NOT KNOW who gets the girl.  

I have predictions. WHICH IS ANOTHER THING I LOVE ABOUT JEN’S NOVELS BECAUSE PREDICTING THINGS IS FUN. Especially since I’m wrong, like, 96.58% of the time.

She does leave us lots to discuss and make predictions about, doesn’t she?!  So many possibilities.  But she always wraps everything up.  I never feel like things are left dangling…

Doesn’t mean I don’t want MOAR. (Because I love my characters and I’m clingy and seeing fav series end is so bittersweeeet.)

Speaking of wanting MOAR!?  She does give us lots of little extras! Scenes from different characters’ POVs, WHOLE books from different characters’ POVs, deleted or never there scenes!  Proposals! So much, just because we can’t let go!


OMG! Cookies! So much YUM.

Like, Cam makes cookies. And there’s Trust in Me. And then there’s “Hey, Kitten, want a cookie?” AND THAT IS GOING TO BE IN OBLIVION. THIS MAKES ME HAPPY AND SO EXCITED I CANNOT EVEN.

What about turtles??  Snake tattoo?  BAMBI!  I love how some little thing in her story becomes so important to us!

My fav is Thumper. That dragon… can’t wait to meet!

Right?! So excited for that appearance to happen! And then TINK!

Ohmygosh, Tink is his own brand of hilarious and awesome. I want him to be real and come live in my house.

I know a secret about TINK! I told you….but we can’t tell anyone else!

SECRET? What secret? (I totally know what secret.)

Um….it’s that he got his own Amazon account!  Yes, that’s it.  And somehow he’s attached Val’s bank account to it so um...she’s gonna have a nasty surprise.  

Sounds legit.

Totally lying my behind off right now. But I do love Tink!

BTW Tink’s got Val from the book NOT me Val - cause I would NEVER do what Val in the book did - do you think Jen hates me and that’s why she named her after me?

Um no. Jen loves you.

And you!

But you’re the one who’s got a character. *waggles eyebrows* (I don’t think I can actually waggle my eyebrows in real life. Raise them, sure. But waggle? Nah. Let’s pretend, though.)

In the same waggling here.

Okay, so we’ve been all over the books and the characters and the swoons and the cookies and our inability to waggle our eyebrows. NOW let’s talk about the wonderful human that is Jennifer L. Armentrout. Because we loooooooove her.

The first time I met her was at the Opal release party.  She knew I was there but didn’t know what I looked like.  So right in the middle of her talking to the group...she’s like “where’s Val?”  Then she made a big fuss over me and made me feel special.  She always does that to her reader/fans.  She recognizes us and makes us feel special.

My first time meeting her was at the Opal release party, too! (And that’s also when we met, Val!) I had about a bajillion books for her to sign, so the most frequent word out of my mouth was “sorry.” But she was so kind, and when she found out I was ME (random fact, my name is in the dedication of Opal), she was like “YOU’RE Jessica Baker?” and then she hugged me over the table. There’s a picture of it somewhere. Made me SO FREAKING HAPPY.

It was the first time we met, Jess! I am amazed at how gracious she is to her readers.  I was her assistant at Book Bash last summer and her line was sooooooooo long.  Someone from the back came up to ask me if they were still in line when it ended, what would happen.  I checked with Jen, and she’s like “I’ll keep signing.”

She’s lovely.

And at Apollycon this last February, she signed for about 8 hours...I’m not even kidding. Her line was so long.  But she kept signing with a smile on her face, talking to people and being friendly.  

I remember seeing pictures of that line! It was cray cray.

And her ability to write books so fast.  She has so many books coming out all the time.  I’m amazed at her ability to do that.  And she’s willing to share what she knows.  At RT, I was in some of her sessions and she shares openly about how to be successful.

Jen is kind and gracious and I seriously adore her.

And fun.  She’s just plain fun to be around.

Chatting with her is always nice. And she just cares so much about her readers, it’s amazing.

Yep.  We’re total fan girls.  And I, also, think we’re her friends.

I’m not sure if we’ve mentioned this, but we kind of love her? Like...a lot.

You think the whole month on the blog about her books is a give away that we LOVE her?

I sure as heck hope it is. She’s da best.

Agree! Hope you enjoyed our SHENANIGANS!

There will be so much more SHENANIGANS to come, so keep checking back for ALL OF THE THINGS! ;)


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  1. Oh my! I love your discussion!!! Tink ROCKS! Do you think we'll have a female version who also loves AMAZON?

    1. You never know...I think he'd like a female version though. ;)

  2. Love this! You guys are great! My first JLA book was also Obsidian, I fell in love right away and devoured the whole series! I haven't gotten to all her books yet, but I'm working on it. (I've only really been reading for me for a year and a half.) I love how whatever she writes (aliens, gargoyles) turns out swoon/fangirl worthy!

  3. Awesome convo girls!!! I agree with everything you say about JLA and her books! She is the best!!! I have so much love and excitement for JLA month! Thanks Val and Jess :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  4. I want to know the secret! Come on gals you need to share your Tink knowledge.

    1. I have no idea what you're talking about...