Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saturday is Chat Day ~ JLA Month

So, for the rest of month, Saturdays will be Chat Day.  But since it's the fourth of July, we figured peeps would be too busy to chat today.  

BUT here's the schedule so mark your calendars.

Ready your favorite quotes!

Brush up on your JLA trivia!

Let's do this thing!

 Chat Schedule

7/11/15 at 12PM EST on Facebook (Opening) - Join Event

We'll be fangirling and talking all things JLA.

7/18/15 at 12PM EST on Twitter #JLAMonth hashtag

This chat will be trivia about the books we all love.  You can follow this one with the hashtag.

7/25/15 at 7PM EST on Twitter #JLAMonth hashtag

 This chat will be our total flailing about Dark Elements finishing up! Are you Team Roth or Team Zayne??

7/31/15 at 7PM EST on Facebook (Quotes) - Join Event
(Please note that this one is on a FRIDAY, since it's the last day of the month!)

This chat will be our favorite JLA quotes!

For the Chats

Val has been collecting some JLA swag for these chats and participates will have a chance to win some!

Check out what will be up for grabs during the chats!

Those posters are signed!

AND that is a DO NOT DISTURB! Currently in bed with my BOOK BOYFRIEND door hanger!

There are four totes.  Only one is a Apollycon but the rest are bookish.



Did you notice the last chat is a quotes chat???

Favorite quotes chat!

SO, you need to find your favorite quote!


There will be a favorite quote contest to win this!

Winner's choice of one of these Dark Elements Bookmarks.



These bookmarks are available and made by Hebel Design

How do you win?

Pick our your favorite JLA quote and represent it some way.

You can do a graphic teaser, cut out letters and paste them together, or whatever your heart desires.

Just take a pic and email the pic to valerie @ with the subject line JLA Quote Contest

We'll be sharing them.

And the winner will be announced at the chat!

(Please follow copyright laws when representing your quote.  Quotes using pictures that are copyrighted will not be shared.  StuckInBooks is not responsible for law violations in this regard.)  

AND to get you thinking...

Here's some made by Val...


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  1. I love those book markers! Nice prize gals. The quote chat sounds like an awesome idea!

  2. O.m.g. I have got to reread the Lux series! I love JLA and you're right! These quotes rock! Thanks for sharing these girl! Those bookmarks are awesome too. ;)

  3. You're really good at making quote teasers Val! Ria and Mikki are the artistic ones on my blog :) Great book marks :) The winners are going to be so happy!!!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape