Sunday, July 19, 2015

Plan for the Week ~ JLA Month

Plan for this week!

Monday ~ Gamble Brothers
Tuesday ~ JLA teasers
Wednesday ~ Lux Series
Thursday ~ JLA swoons
Friday ~Shenanigans

Saturday ~ Twitter Chat <- Dark Elements Chat! (Are you team Roth or team Zayne?  Thinking the GLOVES will come off for this one.)


Join us to re-read!

Bitter Sweet Love on July 25th
White Hot Kiss on July 26th
Stone Cold Touch on July 27th
Every Last Breath on July 28th

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**DID YOU MISS yesterday's Chat?**

Check out the hashtag #JLAMonth to see our trivia chat

Trivia Questions & Answers:

1. A pure + *WHAT* = an Apollyon? 

Half OR Half-blood (they mean the same thing. Obviously.)

2. When is Daemon's birthday?

June 11

3. What are Layla, Roth, and Zayne trying to find in Stone Cold Touch?
The Lillin

4. Ren (Wicked) replied to what wish when he met Ivy the 1st time with “your wish is my command”
Don’t touch me

5. What does Cam have a tattoo of?
A sun

6. What is the name of Ollie's story and where can it be found?
Believe in Me in the Fifty Firsts anthology

7. What does Kyler (Frigid) think the Christmas present his mother left for Sydney is?
Cheesy holiday sweater

8. The note Samantha (Don’t Look Back) finds in her room warning her is what color & folded how?
Yellow note folded like a triangle

9. What was Derrick (Cursed) trying to take a pic of when he put his hand on Ember’s bare stomach?
Ember’s scars

10. What does Seth’s last name MEAN?
Gift of Zeus

**Favorite JLA Teaser Contest**

These bookmarks are available and made by Hebel Design

How do you win one of these bookmarks?

Pick our your favorite JLA quote and represent it some way.

You can do a graphic teaser, cut out letters and paste them together,  or whatever your heart desires.

Just take a pic and email the pic to with the subject line JLA Quote Contest

We'll be sharing them.

And the winner will be announced at the chat!

(Please follow copyright laws when representing your quote.  Quotes using pictures that are copyrighted will not be shared.  StuckInBooks is not responsible for law violations in this regard.) 


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  1. Great schedule for the week ladies! I love the trivia. It was fun seeing if I knew all of the answers :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape