Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July is JLA Month on StuckInBooks ~ Kickoff & Giveaway

Hey Kitten, today starts JLA Month on StuckInBooks

Each day, there will be a new post with a word (or phrase) of the day.  It may or may not be in the JLA post for the day.  You job is to find the word/phrase every day!  You'll need it for the giveaway!

All of our teasers and swoons this month will be from JLA books.

Saturday's are CHAT days!  There will be chats on both twitter and facebook with Jess and I.  They'll include JLA trivia and JLA swag GIVEAWAYS.

 Chat Schedule
7/11/15 at 12PM EST on Facebook (Opening) - Join Event
7/18/15 at 12PM EST on Twitter #JLAMonth hashtag (Trivia)
7/25/15 at 7PM EST on Twitter #JLAMonth hashtag (Dark Elements)
7/31/15 at  7PM EST on Facebook (Quotes) - Join Event

Sunday's will have the schedule for the week!

Other days will feature JLA books!  We'll get them all in this month!

We'll be doing a readathon for the Dark Elements leading up to the release on 7/28/15.  


 Readthon dates!!!

7/25 is Bitter Sweet Love
7/26 is White Hot Kiss
7/27 is Stone Cold Touch
7/28 is Every Last Breath


Signed but corner damaged copy of White Hot Kiss
Signed copy of White Hot Kiss
4 signed copies of Stone Cold Touch
2 signed copies of Fall With Me
LUX Beginning & Consequences SIGNED (Set)
Signed copy of Onyx
Signed copy of Opal
Signed by JLA & Pepe copy of Obsidian
Signed by JLA & Drew copy of The Return
Signed copy of Wicked

This month long giveaway is for a choice off the giveaway pile.  

International winners can choose an eBook of their choice of any JLA book currently available (including Every Last Breath).  

There will be 15 winners.  

If there are still books left over after that, they will return to the StuckInBooks giveaway pile.
(This may occur depending on how many INT winners there are)

Word/phrase of the day will be something associated with a JLA book.  It may or may not be on a JLA post so check ALL the new posts for the day to find it.  It will be pretty clear.  There was one in this post today.  Did you see it?  Make sure you add today date with the word/phrase for it to count.

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  1. The mentions of "Supernatural" and the Walking Dead! Thank you for giveaway!

  2. This is going to be so much fun! Awesome idea!

  3. The snarkiness and the banter! I've read Lux, Dark Elements and Don't Look Back (I know, I'm behind!), and nothing beats the dialogue between Daemon and Katy Thanks! :)

  4. I love how all of her books have so much humor! Her characters are all so snarky and witty!

  5. I love the characters and the dialog. The humor is wonderful!

  6. I love that you always fall in love with her characters.

    Megan @

  7. The characters are amazing, and the writing is witty and fun.

  8. I love the boys, boys! She always writes the hottest guys. Who doesn't love that? Thank you for the giveaway. It's so amazing!

  9. Every book she writes is fun, entertaining, filled with hilarious banter and swoony guys to match, strong and relatable MCs, and really good messages. She's a great writer, I LOVE HER.

  10. Every book she writes is fun, entertaining, filled with hilarious banter and swoony guys to match, strong and relatable MCs, and really good messages. She's a great writer, I LOVE HER.

  11. I love the characters, especially the swoonworthy guys, and the snarkiness. It's pretty much guaranteed that I'll laugh a lot any time I read one of her books.

  12. I love the characters, they are so lovable

  13. Her writing, the funniness, and Daemon Black. End of story.
    Thank you!

  14. Okay, let's be honest, it's the hot guys :) Hehe

  15. Her writing is great and she has some very charismatic characters that are very likeable. :)

  16. My sister, my daughter and even my momma read JLA books. She has that ability to make you able to relate to her characters and their attitudes.

  17. I love the fun and memorable characters, Steamy & Sweet Romance, and that she can write for any genre and any age group, and I will love it! Awesome Giveaway Ladies :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  18. Well, I nearly said that I love the way she writes, but everyone loves Jennifer for that. Everyone. I just love her because she makes me laught and cry at the same time and she makes me fell a lot of great things at the same moment, I think that is so magic. And I also like her nose.. I don't know why, I just like it..

  19. Sadly, so far, all I've read of hers is the first two books of the Lux series, but I loved them and can't wait to continue on with the series. I mostly love her characters and how sarcastic and witty they can be. :)

  20. I love the way she writes, all the twists, the fun and the romance... And of course, the Supernatural references and the amazing characters, especially all the swoony guys. Oh and the "Holy alien babies" kind of phrases ;)
    I LOVE her books! This is so much fun!

  21. The way she writes is just awesome. I just finished Don't Look Back a couple hours ago, and even though the plot was something I wouldn't normally care for, I really enjoyed it. Not one of my favorite JLA books, but her sense of humor still shone through and it was really well written so that I couldn't put it down.