Sunday, July 12, 2015

Plan for the Week ~ JLA Month

Plan for this week!

Monday ~ Titan Series feature
Tuesday ~ JLA teasers
Wednesday ~ Wait for You Series feature
Thursday ~ JLA swoons
Friday ~Wicked Series feature
Saturday ~ Twitter Chat!

Find that word/phrase for the day for today's giveaway entry!

**DID YOU MISS yesterday's Chat?**

**Favorite JLA Teaser Contest**

These bookmarks are available and made by Hebel Design

How do you win one of these bookmarks?

Pick our your favorite JLA quote and represent it some way.

You can do a graphic teaser, cut out letters and paste them together, a YELLOW NOTE or whatever your heart desires.

Just take a pic and email the pic to with the subject line JLA Quote Contest

We'll be sharing them.

And the winner will be announced at the chat!

(Please follow copyright laws when representing your quote.  Quotes using pictures that are copyrighted will not be shared.  StuckInBooks is not responsible for law violations in this regard.) 



  1. You girls have so many fun things coming up this week! I'm looking forward to all of it!!!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape