Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Dead List by Jennifer L Armentrout ~ Review

From Jennifer L. Armentrout's blog posted on April 15, 2015:

"The Dead List is a full standalone novel, coming in at roughly 93,000 words. It’s a Young Adult Romantic Suspense Yes. Lots of Romance. Sort of like Don’t Look Back, but a throwback to movies like Scream and the sort of campy fun ones. Think I Know What You Did Last Summer meets Scream. But with more romance.


I get asked all the time, what kind of books do you like?  And my answer is always the same.  If there is kissing, I'm in.  Here is one of those.  This book is full of suspense and even a little scary horror but there is kissing and I loved it.  

Yeah, the bad guy has a scary clown mask.  AND he makes this tsking sound all the time! I wanted to tsk him right in the clown nose!  

So Ella is in her senior year of high school.  The boy she fell for years ago is back but they aren't talking.  The boy she just broke up with is talking to her but she just wants friends.  There's another boy from the past that we have to piece together what happened to.  Then there's the cool group that are bullying and are just jerks.  One disappeared a few weeks ago.  Ella is attacked.  Everyone is a suspect.  How does it all relate to the past or does it?  What's up with the fourth in the group of friends?  What happened to him four years ago?  What happened to make Jensen's family move?  Why are they back?  

You will spend the first half just trying to answer some of those questions as the attacks increase and it seems that no one is safe.  But through it all, there is this sweet relationship being rediscovered with Jensen and Ella.  Why he hurt her in the past and how he really feels will have you questioning him.  But I loved Jensen too much to ever doubt him.  That's all I will say about that.

Once again, Jennifer does a great job building characters that I care about and am interested in.  She does a great job casting doubt on everyone.  The only one we can be sure about is Ella as the book is from her POV.  But at about 2/3 of the way, I realized something.  Of course, I can't tell you what it was but it led me to believe that I knew who was behind the clown mask.  Yeah, I was mostly right but even in that there was a twist that I didn't see coming at all.

Kissing.  Lots and lots of yummy kissing.  The tender relationship between Ella and Jensen just had me in a happy place.  I wanted them together.  I wanted them safe.  I wanted them happy.  I loved how Jensen was protective of Ella but that she saved herself lots of times.  

I was quite happy with the ending.  Such a great stand alone book that just keeps you flipping and flipping to get to the end and find out all the details.  I waited until it was completely up on Wattpad. No way could I have read this piecemeal a chapter at a time.  No, I binge read this one.

It was the perfect read after an emotional one by the same author.  This one is a little scary but didn't hit me in the feels as much.  A great change of pace that I just needed, I recommend this book to anyone who is a JLA fan.  Or like me, enjoy any book as long as there is kissing!



  1. Hi Valerie, my name is Tasya and I run a blog called The Literary Huntress. I have nominated your for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Check it out :)

  2. Great review- think that this is one JLA book I am going to have to pass on- It ruined me on clowns for life.

  3. I started reading this one in between my other books and I am liking it so far. Although the clown mask is going to freak me out! Great review!

  4. Beautiful view Val! The tender relationship between Ella and Jensen sounds heartwarming. I love that he is protective of her :) Kissing in a story is always the best! I like the suspense and mystery behind the attacks and trying to figure out who the suspect is! I need to read this!!!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  5. Ooh. This sounds a bit different for her. Must have it!

  6. Wow Val! This sounds pretty intense! I think I'd like this one a lot! Great review!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

  7. I wasn't sure about this book, but after reading your review, I'm in. Can't pass up a book with yummy kisses.

  8. I need to read this! I wanted to wait until it was all out before I dove in! I'm hoping Jen decides to self pub it so I can hold it, too. LOL