Friday, June 26, 2015

Flight From Death by Yasmine Galenorn ~ Review & Giveaway

Source:  I received a paperback copy from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

From New York Times bestselling author Yasmine Galenorn comes an all-new series set in the realm of her Otherworld novels.

I’m Shimmer, a blue dragon shifter. Thanks to a mistake, I was exiled from the Dragon Reaches and sentenced to work for Alex Radcliffe, a vampire who owns the Fly by Night Magical Investigations Agency. Now, not only do I have to adapt to Earthside culture, but every time I turn around, somebody’s trying to kill us. And worse, Alex is as gorgeous as he is exasperating. But you know what they say: All’s fair in love and bounty hunting…

When an old friend of Alex contacts him about a haunting at the High Tide Bed & Breakfast in Port Townsend, Washington, we think we’re on a simple ghost hunt. But our investigation quickly transforms into a deadly fight as we uncover an eighty-year-old murder, a cursed house, and a dark force trapping the spirits within. To stop impending disaster we must break the curse and lay the angry spirits to rest.


I've really been in the mood for paranormal lately, so when I got the change to read this one, I took it.

It's rich with paranormal creatures, that's for sure.  Shimmer is a blue dragon, Alex is a vampire.  Ralph is a werewolf.  The receptionist is a shifter - don't mess with that girl because she has snake fangs.  Then the job they head out to involves a haunting so we bring in the local witch.  Oh and Shimmer's friend the djinn, don't ask him any favors or things could get messy.  And as they try to figure out the mess of a problem they've walked into, they find help from a spirtwalker.  Lots and lots of paranormal in this story.

And I did find it all very intriguing.  They pieced a complex puzzle together to free trapped spirits and remove a course but most importantly save a town from the evil of a hive of creatures best not encounters in the black of night.  I was very interested to keep reading to find out how it all worked out.

I loved Shimmer.  She's snarky and strong.  I don't like the hand she's been dealt and I'm hoping for better for her as she hangs out earthside.  I felt like I got to know her pretty well.  The story was told from her POV.  I haven't read this author before, so I don't know if that changes as the series goes on but I did feel like I missed out on getting to know Alex much.  He fell flat for me.  Just didn't feel much for him.

What I was disappointed in with this one was the romance piece.  I've read a fair amount of PNR and the romance is usually a key part of the story.  Not so in this book.  The boss become available and the dragon is attracted to him even though he's a vamp.  He feels the same, so lets do this thing.  Not much more to it than that.  If there was a break in the action, lets kiss.  What I thought was missing was the glances to each other when they were in danger.  They did help each other but it felt more like the group effort than because they had feeling for each other.  True, it's a new relationship but I felt like the romance was just added on after the fact instead of being part of the story. 

It's a great paranormal story and if that's your thing, then you will enjoy it for sure.  If you want the romance to be a key part of the story, then maybe pass on this one.


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  1. Hate that the romance was lacking- especially in a dragon shifter book. Currently, dragons are my favorite. But the let's do this just cause we are both here is not my kinda romance at all.

  2. I do like the sound of Shimmer, and I love dragons. Romance fail, I still have to check it out. 😉

  3. Its a bummer that the romance was lacking... it sounds like the book may have been better had it not included it at all. I do like the real mix of paranormal creatures though, that sounds fun. Great review!

  4. The mystical side, of it all, everything wrapped up in one genre. Thanks Darlene Cruz

  5. the mysterious part and because of that to me is interesting

  6. I enjoy paranormal because so many different things are possible.

  7. thanks for the great review! Sounds like this is setting up an urban/paranormal centered series with a romance on slow slimmer. While I don't mind, I do like romance and the slow slimmer can be drawn out too much sometimes. but I do like a good paranormal b/c it's so fun to see the new world and the author's take on "reinventing" the wheel so to speak in regards to popular paranormal staples. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love all the different types of creatures that are in the paranormal genre.

  9. I love that there were so many different paranormal creatures in this story, as well as the puzzle that needed to be solved. However, like you I enjoy my romance to be abundant! Great Review Val :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  10. It makes everything more badass! :D
    Mary Loki

  11. I like the ethereal feel of them.

  12. I enjoy the verity of supernatural creatures and different spins on each and everyone.