Monday, June 22, 2015

Sweet Ache by K. Bromberg ~ Review

Source:  I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

The New York Times bestselling author of Slow Burn turns up the heat when a sexy bet turns into so much more…

Hawkin Play, the bad boy rock star with a good guy heart, has lived a lifetime of cleaning up after his twin brother’s mistakes. Hunter’s most recent screw-up could land Hawke in jail and risk the band’s future. Hawke agrees to guest lecture at a local college to stay in the judge’s good graces—and a bet with his bandmate to seduce his sexy teaching assistant is icing on the cake.

Quinlan Westin is harder to bed than Hawke imagined. She knows his type and is determined to avoid the rocker at all costs—even if their attraction runs deeper than simple lust.

Just as Hawke might finally be winning over the girl, his brother has other plans. When Hunter realizes his twin finally has a weakness, he’ll stop at nothing to take advantage…

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A journey.  That's what I felt about this book.  There's no insta-love here.  There's Hawkin Play who has some serious baggage that he carries around.  Baggage that has him feeling unable to love or be loved.  It's enough to break my heart and to make me just want to hold him.  But he pushes everyone away.  Only his bandmates gets to know the real him.  And he has some things to deal with, things he's pushed aside and ignored, let hurt him, for far too long.  And that's the journey.  His journey.

Who takes him on this journey?  Quinlan.  I'll admit to not liking her at first.  She seemed like a royal B.  But two things may be why I felt that way.  One, this is the first book I've read in this series and I didn't know her as Colton's sister.  And, two, she needed to be this strong a$$ women to deal with all the problems on Hawkin's journey.  So she may have come across a little strong at first.  But I came to love her, respect her and be so glad that she was there to hold Hawkin.  Cause this boy needs holding.  

What starts as a bet - yeah, you know that's gonna come back to bite him, turns into something more.  Something that his best friend, Vince, sees.  Hawke looks at her different.  He lets her in a little.  He falls just a bit.  But remember it's a journey and he has some things to work through.  So we go with him on this journey and watch him at his worst.  Watch him in so much pain, I ached for him.  We, also, watch him in so much pleasure - that would be from alone time with Quin.  And we watch his brother try to break him.  I really wish I could understand Hunter, his twin.  But I don't think I can understand what could possibly cause him to be the way he was to Hawkin.  To Quinlan.  And I admire Quinlan for standing up and being that strong women for Hawkin despite Hunter.  

Don't get me wrong, she struggles at times.  There's heartbreak and Hunter is mixed right there in the middle of it.  But Quin figures things out and stands by her guy.  Loves him even when he's not sure that word even applies to him.

Emotional?  Yep, it is.  Sexy?  Oh, yeah.  A great story that you just can't get enough of?  It really is!

If you love the rocker stories, then this is one you must not pass up.  If you love the journey story where one character really needs to work through some things, then this one is up next for you.  If you just love a sexy romance that has you fanning yourself, then you want this one.  


  1. I've heard great things about this author and this one sounds really emotional but also great. Awesome review!

  2. Loving the sound of this book Val. I like how you began not really liking Quinlan, but ended up loving the book. Great review girl!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

  3. Excellent Review Val! I loved this story so much! I felt for Hunter too, and was glad that he had a strong woman to be there for him. I didn't understand how his bother, Hunter, could be so hateful either. He was horrible! I really love this series, and think you would enjoy the other books in it as well :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  4. I have read the Driven series and now I am sucked in to all these characters can't wait to read this one Savings in Seconds sent me