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The Wild Ones by M. Leighton ~ Review

Source: Received from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

My Summary:

Cami has a boyfriend. Or maybe he has her because he does seem more interested in her family business than her sometimes. But really, things are good. That is until Patrick, Trick, spills a beer on her and she meets his "pale greenish-gray" eyes. And those eyes were only the beginning of the eye candy. She stares. How can she not. Then her boyfriend arrives and that should be that. But she can't get those eyes out of her head. When Trick turns out to be the new hired hand helping with her Daddy's thoroughbred horses, Cami cannot stay away. It seems Trick feels the same but he can't touch her. He needs this job and the boss has made it clear to keep his distance from Cami. Will they give into the tension between them and if they do what will the secrets they both don't know do to that hidden relationship?

My Thoughts:

5 stars - You're gonna want yummy Trick's treats for sure!

I must start with Trick!!!  I LOVE this character.  He's smart and educated, just short of a degree, but he's considered the "help".  He knows the horses much better than the experienced owner but he puts up with the rudeness because he needs this job for his mother and sister.  I love that about him.  As soon as he figures out that chasing Cami will put his job at risk, his family at risk, he stops.  He doesn't want to stop and he makes that very clear but he does.  He's trying so hard to do what's right.  But Cami and Trick are drawn to each other like a moth to the flame - it's impossible to resist.  As the stakes get raised, Trick gives Cami space.  He respects her.  He loves her.  He is one hell of a guy.  Oh I haven't even mentioned his seriously gorgeous looks!!  The boy really has it all.  Love him.

"The most amazing eyes I've ever seen are staring back at me.  They are pale greenish-gray, rimmed in sooty lashes and filled with concern."

"God, his eyes! I've never seen eyes that make me want to gasp and giggle and  do a strip tease all at once.  But these do."

"He's so close I can count every hair in the stubble that dusts his tan cheeks.  For just a second, his clean manly scent overrides the cigarette smoke and stale beer smell of the bar."

"And his chest! Dear God, those pecs are just begging for my fingers to dig right in."

"And there's something so sexy about the way his jeans hang on his hips. I can even see those little dents at the bottom of his stomach. If I'm being honest, I really just want to walk right over to him and touch them. With my tongue. Cue the blush."

Cami is no slouch either.  Home from college, she wants to become more involved in the family business.  She was okay with the farther approved Brent for her future husband until she meets Trick.  Then she starts to notice how Brent's really more interested in the business than in her.  And, more importantly, he can't make her feel what Trick does in just a brief meeting.  No way is she gonna be happy with him anymore.  But she gives it that old college try, since she's not allowed to be with Trick.  Yeah, no.  But I loved that she was trying to give it chance, to make sure.  I loved that she learned things about herself that helped her make the right choices.

I have to admit that the secrets these two's family were keeping from them ticked me off.  It was perfect for the story but I really didn't like either Trick's mom or Cami's dad.  And while I think things were settled with Cami's dad, I'm not sure that's the case with Trick's mom.  But after what she did, I'm not sure I care.  I should have felt sorry for her.  She was the victim here but she just made me mad.  Anyway, as secondary characters, they did a great job of messing things up for Trick and Cami - as was their job.

I really loved the two best friends.  Rusty is fabulous.  Running the garage and knowing all things car, he totally has Trick's back.  And don't get me started on Jenna.  She has this line in the book that I just love. 
"I need you to get that lickable stable boy of yours to bring Rusty to your house."

Yes, she talking about Trick.  Girl doesn't beat around the bush at all.  So fun.

As for the story, it took me on this delicious ride of sexual tension as Trick and Cami try to work through peeps not wanting them together.  I will admit to being surprised by the secret that their families were keeping from them.  And that secret gave me the most fear as I read.  It was early in the morning (2AM) but I was still tweeting my frustration at their circumstances.  Needless to stay I finished this book in one sitting.

Like YA romance?  Like New Adult romance?  Like M. Leighton books?  Like to READ?  Then you should so pick this one up!!!  But be warned - clear your schedule and don't expect to sleep till you finish it.

Here are a couple more fabulous quotes for you.

"A thumb brushes my right cheek.  'God, that's sexy,' he whispers.  Against my will, my eyes fly to his face.  His smile has died to a lopsided grin that is devastation in its purest form.  'I've never made a girl blush before."

"How can a female be that frickin' distracting? She's like kryptonite! I can't think straight when I'm around her and I lose sight of everything important. And that shit ain't gonna fly! .... This job is important. It has to be the most important thing. Has to be!"

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