Thursday, August 23, 2012

Karma Bites by Nyrae Dawn ~ tour stop

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From Goodreads:

"Whoever said, 'parents are always right' really should have thought that one through. After all, my mom believes in vampires. Go figure."

All Abigail Thompson ever wanted was to be considered normal. Instead, she ended up a loner with a vampire–obsessed mom and a stamp labeling her the resident freak of Karma, California.

When bad boy Caleb Evans saves Abby from a mean girl attack straight out of a “B” movie, Abby’s own karma starts to improve. Maybe “normal” could become her way of life, after all. But Caleb isn’t the only boy to notice her. Once newcomer Gabriel Chambers becomes Abby’s new best friend, she finds herself trapped between two boys, both holding secrets. And when Abby learns sometimes things really do go bump in the night, she discovers one of those secrets could just get her killed.

My Thoughts:

3 stars - A coming to terms with who you are kinda story with a paranormal twist

Abby has no friends and her mom's belief in vampires is gonna keep it that way.  She's learned to live with it but it would be nice if the local lipstick posse would just leave her alone.  Considering how miserable her life is, Abby is pretty positive for a seventeen year old.  I was impressed with her strength.  I loved how Caleb described her inner strength.  He calls Abby kitten and she finally asks him why.  This is what he tells her.

"You remind me of a Kitten.  You're all soft on the outside...kind of innocent, but I have a feeling there's someone a lot tougher inside.  Like the way you stood up to Cavanaugh the other day.  Three on one, but as soon as someone pushed you, the claws tried to come out.  You'll grow into those claws one day and no one will be able to stop you."

This is a good description of Abby.  She's pretty hard on herself with her inner dialogue.  But she has this fierce side that comes out when needed.  I really did like her, especially at the beginning of the book.  She kinda of lost some of her snark as the book went along.  There were a lot more tears as the book progressed.  I totally understand why she was crying and it was sweet when Caleb wipes them away but I did feel like it happened too much.

The story felt very much like a middle grade read to me.  The characters were clearly older but Abby seemed so much younger than seventeen.  It may have been the sheltered life her mom forced on her but she felt like she was closer to fourteen.

I absolutely loved Caleb.  He had some secrets of his own and my heart broke for him.  He is moody and secretive but it seemed very clear to me that he has it bad for Abby.  She, of course, thought he would never feel that way about her.  But he was so protective and worried about her that I believed in his feeling for her completely.

I may have read a few too many paranormal books, because I'm getting really good and figuring out what's gonna happen.  This one was no exception, though I enjoyed seeing if I was right.

I enjoyed this story and I would recommend it to younger readers as a great first paranormal read.


  1. This sounds good, but probably not a book I will read. I have so many other books on my list that are screaming to be read. Thanks for the fab review Val!!

  2. I absolutely agree w/you, Val, about KB being a good fit w/the younger YA crowd. I did like the characters, too. Nice review!

  3. Great review, looking forward to reading this.

  4. Sounds like a cute paranormal story. I think I read too much too because I can always figure everything out LOL