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The Kailmeyra Series Blog Tour ~ Excerpt & GIVEAWAY

I have an excerpt of book 2 of this series for you.  Check out my reviews for the books below and a giveaway below that.

From The Secret of the Keepers

Amethyst moonlight angled through the trees revealing a small frame standing in the road.  The woman's shoulders slumped with age; her wild, white hair fell to her waist in a thick, tangled mess.  She leaned on a twisted cane, keeping her head bowed.

Gavin's anger stirred.  Even thought it had been well over a year since I discovered that I could feel his emotions, sometimes they took my breath away.

"What's wrong?" I reached for his head and then brought it to my lap.  My voice never made it past the slowing cadence of horse hooves, but the woman's head tilted as if she'd heard me.  Gavin's features became chiseled.

"It appears we have a complication." He glared at the woman as the carriage rolled to a stop.

The forest grew still; only the sounds of leaves rustled in the quiet.  The hair on the back of my neck prickled.

"Ester, you were warned." Gavin's voice became soft, menacing.

Her eyes snapped to him, and I gasped.

I'd grown used to the unusual irises of the Alfar.  Gavin's eyes were like faceted emeralds; his mother's were the texture of smooth lavender opals.  But these...these looked as if they were made of solid gold.  They held no depth, no expression.

They weren't natural.

Her mouth thinned to a defiant line.  She shook her head, obviously answering a question I couldn't hear.

"I have a gift for the princess."  Her tone was hoarse as if she hadn't spoken for years.  She raised a package covered in colorful cloth and took a step closer.

"No." Gavin sneered.

"I've been shaping these stones for well over a century.  Would you deny me the pleasure of seeing them delivered?"  Scowling, she brandished her walking stick and tapped the side of the carriage.  Hooves thundered in the distance; Gavin's eyes stayed locked on Ester, but she turned to me. "Princess Nora.  I've wanted to meet you for some time."

"If the queen doesn't want me speaking with you, I'll honor her wishes."

Her brow rose.  "You must understand.  The queen does not know the severity of this circumstance."

Gavin's anger ramped up once more.

Yellow and orange brushed the landscape encasing the carriage in a snarl of shadows.  The thunder of hooves crescendoed and slowed; the elite guard came into view  Relief surged as Elias, Elaine, Rena, and Tark cantered to a stop just a few yards away.  This was my family, my clan, and the greatest arriors in Kailmeyra.

I looked back to the golden irises hungrily studying me.  The old woman's face was furrowed in concentration.

"She cannot hear you," Gavin said.  Ester raised her brow.  "She is human, or have you not seen?"  He smiled a hard smile, his jaw clenched, his voice nothing but a low murmur.

Rena and Tark dismounted and stood behind the old women.  Elisa pulled his steed close to Gavin's side of the carriage.

"A contingency has already swept the forest.  They will stay on post until I call them back.  They report nothing out to of the ordinary.  We will take her," he nodded to the small frame by the carriage-- "back to the queen."

Ester lunged for me.  Her fingers gripped my wrist, digging into the soft flesh.  She jerked me across the carriage door, her face just inches from mine.

"Beware...the darkness seeps.  If what you love is lost, look to the box.  You must--"

The Light of Asteria (Kailmeyra #1)

From Goodreads:

If Nora Johnson hadn't been on campus that day she would have never known her true destiny. Helping her friends move into the dorm that she wanted to call home, Nora accidentally collides with mysterious stranger, Gavin Frey. His very first touch sends flames through her heart. The world seems different-something within her has changed.

Nora tries to resume her mundane life, but she is now consumed with the one whose very presence ignited her soul, the one with eyes of emerald. Nora soon learns that an energy buried deep within has been unleashed. She now wields unimaginable power and has become Gavin's source, his strength.

Her newfound joy is shaken when she discovers that Gavin is not who he appears to be and she has been thrust in the middle of a war of mythical proportions. Negativity has allowed all things evil to flourish, the earth is under siege. The fate of creation hinges on the power within her heart. Will she be strong enough to survive?

A gripping tale of unbounded love and ancient power, The Light of Asteria will take you on an epic adventure filled with war, treachery, and demons, as well as unimaginable delights.
Check out my review of The Light of Asteria here.

From Goodreads:

Life for Nora couldn't be better; she has married the man of her dreams and loves living in the pristine land of Kailmeyra.

That is, until the darkness threatens her perfect world.

Now war is upon the land. She and Gavin must strengthen their clan and prepare to fight. But the enemy has an ally—one that not only wields power, but holds knowledge of the ancients' secrets. Secrets that could destroy creation itself.

As the darkness grows, doubt seeps in ... protectiveness hinders progress ... and the unthinkable comes to pass.

Bewildered and alone, Nora shoulders the responsibility of leading an entire race to war. As she struggles with decisions that seem impossible to make, she is haunted by one choice.

"No one has ever doubted that you would die for those you love. The question then becomes ... would you live?"

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  1. It's really hard to name only one book that could be my favorite. Hmmm...I would say Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux since it's the only book that I've read more than 5 times.

  2. I have the first book in this series but haven't read it yet. I'm not entering the giveaway, just wanted to leave some comment love!!

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    Wonderful post, I really enjoyed reading about this series. A new author and books to follow!

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