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Deep Autumn Heat: A Safe Harbor Novel by Elisabeth Barrett ~ review

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From Goodreads:

In this sexy new Star Harbor romance series, featuring the too-tempting Grayson brothers, a celebrity chef turns up the heat for a local cafĂ© owner—and things start to sizzle.

Lexie Meyers decides there’s nothing sweeter than watching Sebastian Grayson’s perfect, wicked mouth devour her coconut cake. He’s hot, he’s hungry, and he’s sizing her up like she’s the best thing on the menu. But she’s been burned in the past and flings just aren’t her thing. Too bad Sebastian can’t resist a challenge.

Worldly, famous, and notorious with the ladies, Seb had planned a weekend of fishing and relaxation with his brothers. Until Lexie, with her kissable lips and frosty “get lost” attitude, makes him want to forget his culinary empire and create some magic with her. After he fires up his charm—including challenging her to a televised cook-off to break through her resistance—it’s now hotter in the bedroom than it is in the kitchen and Lexie isn’t sure whether she’s lost her mind . . . or just her heart.

My Thoughts:

3 stars- Hot chemistry with lots keeping these two apart

Let me start by saying that this book as a lot going on.  There is a poem that starts the book about an old pirate story and I think that's what will tie this series together.  It pops up a few times.  There is also more than a love story going on here.  Lexie has a history with an ex and there's the matter of her famous coconut cake.  There may also be some drug problems in town.  It's a lot for one story.  We are also introduced to all 4 Grayson brothers even though this story is Seb's. As a result of all of this, I missed the main characters too much.  There were large sections of the book that didn't have Seb in them and that made me sad.  Lexie had more to do with all the aspects of the story so she was around more but I missed Seb.

Sebastian was my favorite character in the book.  I liked that he had grown up struggling only to make something of himself.  I liked that he fell hard and fast for Lexie.  I loved that he wouldn't take "no I'm not interested" for an answer because he could feel her desire for him.  He did frustrate me with some indecision a few times but I think that may be more true to life than most books tend to show.

Lexie actually bugged me some.  She had some struggles and it's certainly her choice on how she deals with it but there were a few times when this felt forced to meet a plot line.  I don't think I ever connected to her.  At the end, she did some things that seemed strange to me.

It took a while for me to get into this book.  I was reading it with Autumn from The Autumn Review.  We ended up in different places.  I did finish in one day but I think that had more to do with a deadline than the book.  I will say that I enjoyed the second half of the book more than the first half.  As with Lexie's actions, something things felt contrived to meet a plot line rather than what a character would actually do.  There were a few dangling details that I never thought were addressed.  One of those was the mystery of the late produce deliveries.  While it was partially explained, I never was clear on Art's participation in the whole thing.  This could very well be something that will be dealt with in the next book but it bugged me.  Whenever I've read companion books, where the story goes on with a different character, the plot details get wrapped up in the first book.

With all of this being said, let me say that the chemistry between Seb and Lexie is fabulous.  It starts from the first moment they set eyes on each other.  The lust is rolling off of both of them.  I enjoyed their relationship and was most happy when they were together in the scene.

I am looking forward to reading Tho's story in Blaze of Winter.  I have it and hope to read it soon.

This is good adult romance novel.  If you love the sexy cover, you will love the sexy relationship this book has to offer.

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  1. This sounds pretty good. Not fantastic, but worth reading. Great review Val!