Saturday, August 18, 2012

#JLAReadathon Day #3

It's day 3!

How ya doing???

Hope you enjoyed the twitter party last night and are rocking those challenges.  Remember the challenges will stay open until August 24th so if you want to wait to do those, it's totally fine.

The "easy" challenge goes up TODAY in about 4 hours.  Inspired by my teacher side - it's gonna be fun!!

So, I've been working on Onyx.  Went back to school this last week and, frankly, it was a crazy busy week.  The little problem of exhaustion has cut down on my reading but I do hope to have Onyx finished (again) by the end of the readathon.

Feel free to comment on your progress.

I'll have a post up at 11:59PM EST for you to officially report on your success!  Remember that prizes will be awarded for "rocking" your plan and most pages read.

Enjoy the reading!


  1. I've finished Obsidian and started Onyx so i'm good i think not sure if i will be able to add something more i will see.

  2. I finished Daimon and Half-Blood yesterday. I'm working on Pure now....should be finished by tonight. :D

  3. So far I rearead Daimon, Half-blood and Pure, and Shadows and Obsidian. Only Onyx and Tempting the best man left :)

  4. I've read Obsidian and I'm finish Onyx and hoping I can squeeze Shadows in after that to complete the series!

  5. Finish Onyx last night... *thud* loved it! I also read Daimon last night & started Half-Blood LATE/Early this morning! I'm still all giddy from Onyx... lol

  6. Everyone understands busy weeks. But you are rockin this readathon!