Saturday, August 18, 2012

JLA Readathon Day #2

How's the reading going?  Mine is slow because I had to work yesterday but I started my re-read of Onyx and am loving it the second time through!  Feel free to report on how it's going in the comments.

Don't forget that today is the twitter party at 10PM EST TODAY with the hashtag #JLAReadathon

Come prepared to talk about JLA characters and answer a few questions.  I'll be giving away Daemon Bookmarks.

You can still complete Challenge #1.  It doesn't end until August 24thFind it here.

Challenge #2 will go live in about 4 hours so watch for that.  It will also end the 24th.

Enjoy the reading!!


  1. i had less time for reading yesterday that what i hoped so i'm not far.
    I participated in the chat it was fun but i'm also feeling disappointed: it was too quick for me so i could follow well and that made more shy
    and i've learned that shadows wasn't really on schedule for print ( nor bookdepository nor amazon are right) so i don't know what will happen with my pre order i argg

    Jennifer is as kind as i thought she was though so it was a great first experience. i will just have to practise more so i won't be destabilised next time^^

    thank you valerie for organising this

  2. I'll try to be there!

  3. Oh my gosh. Just finished Shadows...I was crying my freaking eyes out. It was so good and now I'm diving into Obsidian. Looking forward to the Twitter party tonight!

    Thanks, Valerie!!! Happy Reading! :)

    ~Gin @ Addicted to Words

    1. I know! I cried like a baby at the end of the book!


  4. Have fun w/the read-a-thon, Val!