Monday, August 27, 2012

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green ~ Audio Book Review

Source: Purchased audio book from Audible

My summary:

Being diagnosed with Stage IV thyroid cancer at age 13 has brought Hazel to the edge of death.  But a experimental drug has kept her alive longer than anyone thought possible.  At age sixteen, she struggles with breathing and tries to live each day the best she can but it's a waiting game.  Then she meets Augustus Waters at a support group and Hazel has to re-think her waiting game.  Augustus is in remission, beautiful and interested in her.  What kind of relationship can anyone have when they could die at any time? How is that fair to him to get attached when you know you will break his heart? But it's hard not to love Augustus and the passion that he brings to her life.  His great desire is to have a legacy and to have Hazel as his girlfriend.  Will she let him in?

My thoughts:

5 stars - Unashamedly cried my way through the tender pages of this fabulous book.

There are books that help you run away from the stress of life with vampires, demons or angels.  There are stories that help you see the possibilities of life and pick you up to do better things.  There are real life stories that make you cry or laugh or scream.  There are all kinds of stories.  Then there is The Fault In Our Stars.  This book causes you to be a participate in the worst pain of life - dying.  It shows the strength of living each day, the love of family, the effort of struggle, the pain of loving, and the realization of death.  It is not a happy story but it was full of laughing and living by two fabulous characters who loved each other despite the cancer that ate at them.  It was not a happily ever after story but is was full of hope and love.  It was a life story.  A story that can and will help teens and adults alike understand that not everything is about being popular, pretty or athletic.  It's about true love - the kind that's for better or worse, good times and bad, and living or dead.  I loved this book.

I had decided to pass on this one.  Really, I'd read too many emotional reads lately and thought I couldn't handle another one.  Then my Daemon (Lux Series) faced Augustus in the #YACrushTourney.  There was so much passion on Augustus' side.  I was confused.  I had to meet this guy.  So the day of round one, I downloaded the audio book and started listening to it.  This is an emotional read but it didn't feel hard to read.  It felt real.  And Augustus was the most fabulous character.  He was happy and I loved how he always called Hazel, Hazel Grace - never just Hazel.  He supported her and cared for her even when she just wanted to be friends.  He loved her for who she was - which was this incredibly strong girl.  He had his own secrets and when they came out Hazel and him just grew together even more.  I think Daemon would be proud to know Augustus Water.  I'm glad I decided to read this book.

Since this was an audio book, let me say that the narrator did great job with this book.  I loved her voices.  Her Augustus fit him so well.  Her Hazel sounded winded as she should be.  Would definitely recommend the audio book.

Anyone who loves YA should consider this book.  It may be emotional but it's also fabulous.


  1. I guess you're saying I should read this, huh? I've heard wonderful things about TFiOS from everyone who's read it. I guess I haven't been ready to have my heart broken. But I will eventually. I'm really glad you loved the book, Val. Nice review!

  2. I've heard nothing but good things about this book. Wish my TBR was much shorter and writing demands much smaller. LOL.

  3. I'm actually in the middle of this audiobook and really not liking the narrator! I'm actually really concerned that she might be ruining it for me :( I'll go a little further but I really don't want the book to be ruined for me by someone else reading it. It IS my first audiobook so maybe they're just not for me!

    1. I didn't think the narrator was too bad and I listen to audiobooks all the time. Maybe you're right and they aren't for you.


  4. This book sounds so absolutely amazing. I don't really know why I haven't read it yet. I will have to get to it sometime. Awesome review!!

  5. Great review Val. I'll be adding it to my To-Read list.

  6. This book is crazy amazing. John Green is an artist with his words! I seriously sobbed when I read this. Such a great book.

  7. I'm so glad you loved this book. This is one of my FAVORITES. I wasn't sure if it would be the same for you listening to it versus reading the book, so it's great to know you really liked her voice. Maybe one day I'll try the audio version. I don't well with those, but since I've read it already I think I could do that with this book :-)

    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book. Yes this is an emotional read, but the humor in it is great too :-) Augustus will always be one of my favorite male characters.

  8. I'm such a wuss! I don't think I can read this book even though I have heard nothing but AMAZING things. I recently lost my aunt to cancer so I don't think I'm ready yet. I WILL read it one of these days though. Great review!

  9. I've had this one for a while, but haven't read it yet. I'm so glad you loved it. That mean, I probably will too! LOL

  10. AWW! I cannot WAIT to read this one. I actually bought it and I plan, someday, on losing myself in it. I'm super happy you liked it, Val! Your review just really really has me curious to meet Augustus, too, especially with the way you spoke about the book and about him!

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