Friday, August 10, 2012

JLA Read-a-thon is coming! Are you signed up?

Want to bring everyone up to speed on the JLA Read-a-thon deets. 

Starts ONE week from today!

Check out this fabulous banner that we got from Book Me

Thank you!

 Check out another fabulous banner - this one from Hwa Sun.

Thank you!

Banner:  We have two fun banners to use on any posts you want to do for the read-a-thon.  Not required at all but if you want to grab one or both to use, please do.

Challenges:  I've asked some peeps to create some awesome challenges for the read-a-thon.  Winners will pick books off my prize pile.

Prize pile:  I have books from Entangled Press and Spencer Hill Press.  I'm adding in a few things too.  If you want to contribute to the prize pile (DOES NOT have to be JLA books), then just let me know.

Twitter party:  The votes are in and the twitter party will be Saturday August 18th at 10PM EST.  It will last an hour and we will be using the hashtag #JLAReadathon.  Probably a prize pile winner during that.

Random twitter stuff:  Depending on the number of prizes I end up with, I may through in some random twitter stuff.  I'll put something out there with our hashtag and give time to let peeps do it.  Random winners for those who participate in it.

Author Chat:  JLA will be doing a chat with us sometime during the read-a-thon.  As soon as I get the date & time from her, I'll let you guys know.  Probably a prize pile winner during this.

Make a plan:  I'll have a plan post up Friday, August 17th, for you to state your plan - what you want to get read.  You can use the comments of my post or make your own blog post.  At the end, I'll ask you how well you did with your plan.  Random winner for those who rocked their plan. (It's a teacher thing guys).

Winners:  I'll have winners for the twitter party, the chat, the plan, the most pages read, challenges and maybe random twitter stuff.

Haven't signed-up yet?  Still time!  Fill out the form below to be part of this fabulous read-a-thon.


  1. Yay!! Super excited for this!! I could re-read any of her books over and over again!!

  2. i don't have that many book yet but since i need to lux series for the other challenge i'm in^^

  3. I'm excited! I've had Half-Blood and Pure on my shelf for a while. This is a great excuse to finally read them!

  4. I'll probably be following and reading along because I need some serious catching up to do! So I'm not going to sign up because I'm unsure I can completely commit myself. I plan to read Deity, Obsidian, Onyx & Cursed! :)

    Magical Urban Fantasy Reads

  5. LOVE JLA! I haven't gotten to the other series yet so I'm gonna work at that. However I have never done a read-a-thon before so could someone tell me how it works exactly?

  6. I don't have my Covenant books. They are in the US so I'll just have to re-read Lux =)

  7. I'm not sure how much I can help plan it, but I'll totally join. I have Daimon, Half-Blood and Pure and I need to re-read Obsidian before Onyx comes out.

  8. Yay! Can't wait! I hope my copy of Onyx has arrived by then! ;)