Friday, August 17, 2012

JLA Read-a-thon Challenge #1

Thank you to Michelle from Oh! For the Love of Books for doing this challenge for us.

Maybe you didn't hear, but the awesome Jennifer L. Armentrout's Onyx from the Lux series came out this week. Oh, you didn't hear? You must live under a rock. :)

Anyway, Valerie over at Stuck in Books asked a few of us to put together a challenge for you guys for some goodies! As in, JLA goodies - yeah the good stuff. It's all part of the JLA read a thon. If you want more information on the read a thon - head over to Valerie's blog. 

So what we have in store for you is a Playlist Challenge. Here is the run down of what you need to do. Pick five songs that you think would be part of an awesome soundtrack for the JLA's Obsidian.

Fill out the form.
Pick five songs - including the artist. There are a lot of remakes out there and Seether's Careless Whisper is way different than George Michael's. 
Tell us what scene, page number, the conversation, or chapter you think your songs fit. 
Leave your email and name. 
There will be 2 winners, one winner selected by each of us hosting the challenge.
One entry per person. Duplicates will be deleted. So make your list awesome the first time around.
The contest runs from 17th to 24th.


  1. Really an interesting challenge albeit an hard one but i will see if i manage it^^

  2. I am so mad at making book playlists. I love music and I love books, but I can never really put them together. I can't listen to music when reading so I never connect song lyrics with parts of books. Awesome challenge. I'm sure there will be tons of awesome entries!

  3. How long will this challenge be up? I can say a couple right off the top of my head, but I want to put some thought into this & have to work lol.

  4. This sounds like fun! I love the idea of a playlist challenge.