Sunday, August 19, 2012

#JLAReadathon Challenge #3


Yes, I am a teacher.  Are you feeling like this is JLA 101?  Well, I could probably teach that class. Haha.  This challenge is about unscrambling some JLA kinda words.  Put your answers in the form below.  As will the other challenges, you have until August 24th to finish this one!!! 


#JLAReadathon Unscramble 

1.  eesmteln

2.  eclaor 

3.  ypnollao

4.  nacetnvo 

5.  amtehio

6.  uritag 

7.  cnulcio

8.f  tae

9.  lopmsonisuc 

10. eogsidmd 

11. xul

12. inlae

13. lseting

14. ihgtl

15. etteerimo

16.  jmoo

17.  teknit

18.  ttatudei

19.  gcabheuod

20.  hagteitps

(hint:  first ten are from Half-Blood and second ten are from Obsidian)


  1. Yeesh, Val! That was hard! I kinda feel sorry for your students! Good thing I like a challenge, because that one nearly took me all night! ;)
    Great Job!

    1. is the HINT to make this one EASY! Please remember that I'm a computer teacher too and I LOVE online resources! Some of the "words" are unique to JLA and you have to figure those out on your own BUT some are normal words so will help you!


  2. Oh I love word scrambles. I am excited for this challenge!! Good thing we have a few days for it. :)