Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tempting Tessa by Samantha Lind ~ Excerpt & Giveaway

Can he tempt her to fall in love with him and find her new forever?

Samantha Lind
Releasing May 4th, 2017

After losing her high school sweetheart to an accident at work, Tessa doesn’t know how to move on in life even though life is moving on all around her. She’s caught up in trying to figure out how to survive without her husband, raise their son and keep his memory alive. When things literally start falling apart all around her, will she be able to accept the help being offered and love again?

Jake has pulled his life back together after living through hell while being injured in the Army. It takes him years to recover and he’s still dealing with the emotional pain. When Tessa enters his life, and turns it upside down, can he tempt her to fall in love with him and find her new forever?

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I walk back into my bedroom and realize she can’t get the zipper open on her dress. My dick twitches in my pants at the thought of taking that dress off her body. I slowly walk toward her, never taking my eyes off hers. It only takes me a few strides to reach her, and she turns so her back is against my front. I slowly trace my finger along her shoulder blade and down her spine until I grasp the zipper and slowly pull it down. I have to stop myself from helping the dress from falling from her hot as fuck body. Just as I’m about to step back and leave the room, she looks me in the eyes again from over her shoulder.
 “Please don’t go.” She says on a whisper

That is the opening I needed, I spin her around so she is facing me. The motion makes her dress fall down to the floor and she’s standing before me in a skimpy black lacy bra and matching panty set that makes my mouth water. She is so fucking beautiful.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” I growl out to her.

I cup her face again and bring my lips to hers. She lifts up on her toes to deepen the kiss and I swipe my tongue across her lips looking for access to her mouth. She opens for me and I deepen the kiss and take complete control. I lift her up and she wraps her legs around my waist. I can feel her heat and arousal through her wet panties and fuck, that’s hot and makes my cock hard as steel. I could devour this woman all night and never tire from it.

I gently lay her down on my bed, her legs still wrapped around me and grind myself into her. This makes a deep moan escape from her. I can feel the moan form deep within her. I move my lips to kiss along her jawline and down her neck. From the moans leaving her, I am going to guess she likes what I’m doing and keep working my way down to her collarbone. I then kiss my way back up to behind her ear and graze my teeth across her earlobe. I whisper in her ear, “Is all this ok, do I need to stop?”

“Don’t stop,” she says between moans. “Don’t you fucking stop.”

Roger that! I continue to kiss my way down her neck and across the tops of her full breasts. They have been on display tonight and I’ve been dreaming of when I could get my hands and lips on them. I quickly locate the clasp of her bra and flick it open and drop it to the floor. I kiss my way down one breast, sucking her nipple into my mouth and use my hand on her other one rolling her nipple between my fingers. This extracts a few louder moans from her and has her arching her back to thrust her breast into me even more. I release her nipple with a pop and look up at her. The look of desire on her face tells me everything I need to know.

“You have too many clothes on,” she says to me pulling at my shirt.

I reach behind my head and grab my shirt and rip it over my head. Her hands run down from my shoulders to my abs, tracing a few of my tattoos along the way. She also traces over one of my scars from one of my many surgeries. “Does that hurt when I touch your scars?” she asks tenderly.

“No, they haven’t hurt me in years. The only scars that I get pain in sometimes are on my leg along my stump.”

I lean down and capture her lips again with mine while I explore her body with my hands. I lift her higher up on the bed and then kiss my way back down her body. I love the feeling of her muscles twitching beneath my fingertips and lips. I am sure my few days’ worth of stubble is adding another layer of stimulation. Once I reach the top of her panties, I hook my fingers in the sides of them and slowly pull them down off her hips and down her toned sexy legs. I toss them behind me once I have them off of her. I can see her arousal glistening and can’t help but need to taste her.

As I lean down, I kiss her inner thighs first on her left leg and then the right working my way toward her center. I flick out my tongue and swipe her slit. “Fuck you taste fucking amazing,” I moan into her pussy before sucking her clit into my mouth. I slip my hand around and run my finger along her opening and then press one finger in. Her body immediately pulses around my finger and the moans and encouragement coming from her spur me on. I add a second finger and rotate them until I find that perfect spot that has her lifting off the bed. It only takes a few more seconds before she’s coming all over me. I can’t get enough of her. I slowly kiss my way back up her body allowing her time to come down from her orgasm.

“Holy shit, that was hot baby,” I whisper to her.

“I need you inside me right now,” she pants back to me.

I stand needing to drop my jeans and remove my prosthetic as well as grab a condom from my nightstand. Sex with my prosthetic on is uncomfortable. It just gets in my way. I have never been insecure about people seeing either my prosthetic or my leg without it on. It is just a part of who I am. I look down at her; beautiful, open, and ready for me. I give a couple tugs to my cock before sliding the condom down into place. I crawl back up her body sucking a nipple into my mouth as I make my way back up to take her lips in mine. I drag my cock along her wet slit and along her clit, dragging moans out of her as I do. I break the kiss to pull back and look in her eyes.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” I ask. I would hate for her to regret this in the morning
“I am sure, please get inside me now.” She moans back to me, doing her best to press me into her with her legs that are wrapped back around my waist.

“Yes ma’am,” I tell her as I gently slip the tip of my cock into her warm folds. I stop for a few seconds to let her adjust and then thrust the rest of the way inside her. Holy fuck, she is perfect. So fucking tight. It’s almost like her body was created to fit mine. I’m not going to last long at this rate. I find our rhythm and within a few minutes we are both on the brink of orgasm. I reach down between us and flick her clit and she explodes around me. I follow her over the edge and have the best orgasm I have ever had in my life. I kiss her and then roll so I’m not crushing her and pull her so she is beside me with her head on my chest. I wrap my arms around her and just melt into the bed.

I need to take care of the condom, so I slip out of bed and into the bathroom. I come back out with a warm washcloth to help clean her up and then climb back in and pull her into my arms.

“That was amazing baby,” I say into her hair.

“Best birthday present ever,” she sighs back to me. 

Samantha Lind is a contemporary romance author. Having spent the first 27 years of her life in Alaska, she now calls Iowa home where she lives with her husband and two sons. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading, watching hockey, and listening to country music. She can be contacted via Email or found on Facebook.