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Fragility Unearthed (The Cascade #3) by Rebecca Royce

Fragility Unearthed (The Cascade Book 3)Source: e-copy provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Fragility Unearthed (The Cascade #3) by Rebecca Royce

Malcolm is missing. Levi is taken. And all the light from the world has gone with them.

Kendall Malcolm thought the world ended when her marriage ended and her life fell apart. She was wrong. Things could be a lot darker. She stands at the precipice—leader, mother, warrior—placing herself between the world and darkness.

But does she have to do it alone? It’s looking that way.

After the cliffhanger ending of Phoenix Everlasting, I was so excited to pick up this third book in the Cascade series. Luckily this one picks up right where book 2 left off, resolving that intense situation and moving on with the story -- which, as a whole, I liked, even though I can't say that this was my favorite installment.

As always with this series, everything that happened was super interesting. The story is so cool and unique. And it was such a quick read. I easily read this book in less than a day. Considering how much happened and how much the overall story progressed, that shows a great strength in Rebecca Royce's writing.

That said, Kendall kind of danced on my nerves. She had her reasons, and they were good ones. But without Malcolm there to lighten things up (because I adore him), I spent a huge chunk of the book kind of annoyed. Basically the entire time he wasn't there, I was just waiting for him to come back. Which made it tough to get as invested in this book as I had with the previous two. On the bright side, I now have a new appreciation for Block. So that's nice.

Once the Malcolm thing was resolved, the story picked up A LOT. Good things happen and bad things happen and sweet things happen and romantic things happen and I was so in for all of it. It's because of that last chunk of the book -- the END in particular -- that I'm rounding up from 3.5 to 4 stars. Because, man, that ending was top notch.

Overall, Fragility Unearthed was a good installment, but compared to the previous two books it is my least favorite in the Cascade series. I'm glad I read it, though, because this series is really good. And I am looking forward to reading the fourth book. I definitely recommend this series to anyone looking for a unique adult paranormal series!

4 stars - A good installment with a top notch ending!

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