Thursday, May 4, 2017

Phoenix Everlasting (The Cascade #2) by Rebecca Royce

Phoenix Everlasting (The Cascade Book 2)Source: e-copy provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Phoenix Everlasting (The Cascade #2) by Rebecca Royce

Maybe it was better when she couldn’t remember who she was supposed to be…

Single-mom, Kendall Madison has a lot on her plate. Her ex-husband wants back in the picture, her three children have all developed super-natural powers, and the love of her many lives wants to have another go at their forever.

She has a team to lead and homework to manage. The shadows are growing in strength and the battle she was brought back to life to fight has begun. How is a woman supposed to manage all of that and not fall apart? Kendall needs to figure out how to cope or the entire world will fall apart. Or maybe it already has and was always meant to. If she can find the missing phoenix there will be a chance…the only problem is no one has seen it twenty years…

After finishing Haunted Redemption, I jumped right into Phoenix Everlasting -- and proceeded to fly through this sequel even faster than I had book 1. And now I'm so glad to say that I was incredibly pleased with this sequel!

The storyline of this series continues to fascinate me. I was never once bored reading this book. We got a lot of new information, and I was interested in it all. And all of the THINGS that happened...I was so here for all of it. Even though this installment is longer than Haunted Redemption, I couldn't help but to devour it even faster than I had the first book. Either important stuff was happening, or I was excited to get to things, or I was just plain enjoying certain moments. I had such a great time reading this book.

Kendall is still her strong, perfectly imperfect self -- and my like for her grew. Same with Malcolm. Especially with Malcolm, actually. We learn more about him both in the past and now, and I honestly love him even more. My respect for Levi grew, too. Not only is he always a good father, but he was so supportive and helpful (when he could be) to Kendall and the group's endeavors. And speaking of the group, I liked reading about all of them again -- and I have a growing love for Brick, for whatever reason. He's cool.

The romance definitely took a huge step in the right direction, which made me so happy! I was worried after the way the book began, but from then on I was head over heels and loving the advancements of my couple. I'm sure they've got a ways to go (especially after the way the book ended!!!) but my heart greatly appreciates the wonderful moments throughout this book.

Overall, Phoenix Everlasting was an incredibly satisfying sequel that I could not put down. I am loving these characters and their story, and I am so excited to see where it all goes next!

4 stars - An incredibly satisfying sequel!

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