Friday, January 1, 2016

Snowed In? So Read Giveaway Hop

When it's cold and all you want to do is hide under a blanket, it's the best time to READ!

You need books that capture your mind and hold on! 

Sounds like Val's obsession read!

I'm OBSESSED with the Psy-Changleing Series by Nalini Singh.  I started reading it last summer and just finished book 13!  I've heard her other books are just as incredible! 


Giving away ANY Nalini Singh eBook!

Angels rule over humans and vampires, but the most powerful of them all are the archangels. Beautiful. Deadly. Sometimes cruel. Always unpredictable. There are several different groups represented – the archangels, the angels, the vampires, and the Guild Hunters.

Two of the strongest Changeling packs in North America are the DarkRiver Leopards, controlling the San Francisco area, and the SnowDancer Wolf Pack, in control of the rest of California. The icy and emotionless Psy are under the control of a powerful council of seven beings with very different goals. And some of the humans, often thought to be the weakest of the three races, have decided to level the playing field.

Contemporary series with lots of sexy hot rockers!

INT as long as you can accept an eBook.

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