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Finally Mine by Anne Hansen ~ Excerpt & Giveaway

Author: Anne Hansen
Age group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover designer: Anne Hansen
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An incredible stroke of luck lands Vin Moretti a plea bargain—he spends his summer slaving at a country club instead of rotting in a jail cell. He plans to keep his head down and avoid the trust fund brats.

He never expects to fall for a gorgeous, amazing girl way out of his league.

When Keira McCabe falls in love with Vin Moretti, it’s head-over-heels, crazy, incredible love. She’s sure nothing can ruin what they have…but she has no idea how far Vin will go to protect her from the one thing he’s most afraid of: himself.

Summer ends, and Keira returns to the sprawling suburbs where she belongs, while Vin slinks back to the wrong side of the tracks and his old trouble-making ways. They promise to make long-distance love work.

It’s just dumb luck that her father’s unexpected demotion moves Keira smack in Vin’s gritty neck of the woods. Vin realizes he’ll need do whatever it takes to keep Keira safe—even if it means shutting the person he loves the most out of his dangerous life completely.

When Vin turns his back on Keira at her lowest moment, it finally hits her: she was never going to be anything more than his dirty little secret. Her life as she knows it has been torn to shreds, but she’s determined to make the best of it…with or without the guy she gave her heart to over the summer.

Vin starts to have second thoughts about his decision when he realizes how empty life is without Keira around. The problem is, Keira’s learned her lesson, and she isn’t about to be used again.

Vin realizes he’s going to have to pull out all the stops and turn his life around if he wants to make Keira finally his.



I watch him purse his lips, waiting for him to tell me what’s up. When he doesn’t, I shake my head. “Look, I argued with my father to come out here tonight.”

“I wish you hadn’t done that.” He uncrosses his arms. For a single second, I think he’s going to reach out and touch me, and my entire body tingles with anticipation.

But he stays on his side of the car.

“Well I did. And I don’t regret it, but I need you to work with me.”

I roll down the window the rest of the way and look at the stars speckling the night sky. I breathe the air deep because, yes, I need the fresh air. I also need something else to focus on.

Something that’s not my seriously good-looking ex.

“I don’t get what I’m doing wrong. I think about everything that could happen, everything

that’s going on. I feel like I don’t miss a single detail.” He shrugs. “It’s exactly what I did when I sto—when I worked for Gio.”

“And there’s your problem.” I nod for him to get out of the car. He does and we both walk to the edge of the road, to the place where this development got started but never finished. “Do you feel that?”

“What?” he asks.

The wind blows against us both, so strong it nearly knocks us back. “That.”

“The wind?”

“Yes, Vin, the wind. Put your arms out.” I watch and wait until he does it. “Close your eyes.” I sigh. “Close them!” I double-check before I go on. “Now let go. Let the wind move around you. Feel its power. Be aware.”

For a few long minutes, we just stand, the wind whipping and flying around us. Finally Vin looks sideways at me and smiles, and my heart skitters around in my chest like a chased rabbit

. “Okay, sensei. I am aware of the wind. Are you gonna make me catch a fly with chopsticks too?”

“No.” I grin back at him, then close my eyes and put my hands out at my sides. “I’m going to remind you that you can’t get trapped in your own head. You have to be strong, mentally, to race, but there’s an element that’s totally unpredictable. Tons of races come down to luck. And heart. And guts. You can’t plan your race. You have to feel it.”

“How do you do that?” He steps closer and his body blocks the wind. I can feel the heat radiating off of him, and it’s as intense as standing next to a roaring campfire.

I swallow hard and try to keep my cool. “Ah. See, there’s the problem. You can only feel it when you let go.”

He shrugs. “Sounds easy enough.”

He takes a step toward me.


I back up quickly, almost stumbling over an uneven piece of pavement. Vin catches me under my arm, and the feel of his hands on my body makes chills course through me.

“Careful,” he says, catching me close until I regain balance.

“Thanks,” I murmur, pulling away. “So, right. You think letting go will be ‘easy enough.’

Let’s see if you’re right,” I say, channeling all the badass swagger I have in me as I saunter—carefully—back to the car.


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About the Author:
Anne Hansen is a die-hard romantic who loves fast cars, unsung heroes, and those crazy, funny conversations that make you laugh so hard, you end up in tears with stomach cramps. She likes to travel and has been all kinds of cool places--like Knoebels Theme Park, the biggest Paul Bunyan statue in Minnesota, and Paris. She loves listening to indie music, sitting around the campfire with her awesome family, and obsessively flipping through celebrity Instagram accounts (don't judge). But, most of all, she loves reading books and writing them, and she's excited to share her greatest passion with other book lovers!

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  1. I really liked Vin and Keira. This is good if you're looking for a high school romance.

  2. That excerpt has me curious. This sounds like something I could enjoy. Thanks for sharing.