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Frost by Kate Avery Ellison ~Tour stop & GIVEAWAY

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My Summary:

Since her parents death, Lia has become the head of the household.  Living in the frost, she must help her younger sister and crippled twin brother met the quota required of their farm or risk losing her family.  The village is a mile walk, but she travels it with their quota and risks the watchers attacks.  She lives in fear.  Then her sister finds an injured stranger in the woods, a farther.  They are the enemy of her village.  She must not help him.  But she can't leave him to die in the woods at the hands of the watchers, the way her parents had died.  But every day he spends with them risks her family even more.  If the elders find out she is hiding him, she will lose everything.  But asking him to leave will certainly cause her lose her heart.

My Thoughts:

3 stars - Fast fantasy with strong characters

Frost is a fantasy read that didn't overwhelm me.  A lot of times if I read epic or high fantasy, I become overwhelmed with the world building to the point that I don't enjoy the story.   This world was enough like our primitive culture that I would easily keep up with the strange watcher creatures that lived in the woods with the snow blossoms they refused to pass, and the farthing world just to the south that seemed modern but brutal.  I like the simple village and farm life that made up this world.

The mystery of what was really going on was interesting and keep me turning the pages.  The story moves quickly and I finished in a couple of sittings.  While I guessed a lot of the twists, one big one surprised me.  The ending had me wishing for the next book though it wasn't a cliffhanger.  I think it was the characters emotions that had me wanting more.

Speaking of the characters, I liked the strength of Lia.  We never really know just how old she is, though it seems that she is courting age.  But she is taking care of a somewhat flighty sister and a crippled twin brother.  She is left to run a farm without her parents and she certainly has the gumption to do it.  Gabe is interesting, though I wish we had learned more about him.  There were clearly feeling between them and pain in his past but I wanted to know him better.  Since he was in hiding, he was absent from a lot of the scenes.  I do hope he is part of book 2.

If fantasy is your thing, then this is good choice.

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    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Fantastic review, Val! I keep seeing just amazing things about this one, and I can't to get my hands on it. I know what you mean about getting overwhelmed by fantasy novels sometimes, so I'm glad you enjoyed this one, and that it was just right!

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  7. Great review. I have this on my TR list and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  9. Thanks for participating in the tour!

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  13. Nice review, Val. I read Frost a few months ago. I think the story definitely has appeal to those more into the genre than I am. Glad you enjoyed!

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