Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fall For You by Cecilia Gray ~ Blog tour stop & Giveaway

Source: Received an eBook copy in exchange for a fair & honest review

My Summary:

Lizzie just wants her school the way it was before - before the boys were allowed to come. Everything was right then, her friendship with Ellie, her path to Georgetown, her journalist abilities, and her sureness that Anna was the enemy. Now everything is wrong. The new owner cannot change the name of her beloved school. That would be the last straw. It has to be the their fault - the boys, especially that smug Dante. Who does he think he is saying he's especially not interested in her. Could this year go any more wrong?

My Thoughts:

3 stars - A fast read that had a satisfying ending

Guess I'll just put it out there, I didn't like Lizzie. She's kinda of annoying right from the start.  Okay, I did decide she was better but it really took most of the book for that.  She learned something, which I like a lot.  So I guess you can't be perfect to start with and still have something to learn, but still.  Anyway, Dante wasn't a prince either but I wasn't as annoyed with him.  I'm thinking it could be that I saw some redeeming qualities about him and he did prove that in the end.  What I really liked about this story was the learning that went on by the two main characters.  Preconceived ideas had to be put aside - so often they need to be - and looking for the good in changes that come up in your life were both heavy themes in this book.  I liked that.  I liked that it was fast and really only novella in length.  While, I could certainly see how some additional length would have helped this story, it was also nice to have the story just be out there quickly.  It's a cute series and the next volume was nicely set up in the epilogue.  If you have a couple hours, this one is pretty good.


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  1. Fall for You was such a cute story. I do applaud Lizzie standing up for she believed in. Yes sometimes she was a little extreme but I don't blame her for not wanting her one true home to change. I look forward to reading the rest of this series.

  2. This was cute. I liked the ending too. I like Ellie and Anne. :)

  3. I thought this was a cute, quick read too. I wasn't too annoyed by Lizzie. I am definitely looking forward to the second book. Nice review!

  4. Sounds like a book that I would like. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Ummm I'm wary now.
    How was the writing?


  6. Thank you for the giveaway!!! Sounds like an awesome book!!