Friday, July 27, 2012

Evy from THE ONE teaches me how to make Breakfast Tacos!!

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One of the things that I noticed when I read

was the Breakfast Tacos that Evy talks  about having in the book. I was seriously jealous of those. I've never had them but they sounded fabulous.

Well I have some connections with access to Evy so I begged her to give me the recipe. Apparently she had to hack Heather's email to get it done but my girl came through for me!!!

I give you Evy from THE ONE.

Thank you thank you Evy and yes you can call me Valerie!

Hi, Valerie! Can I call you Valerie? I feel like I know you already so I hope it's ok. I heard you've never had a breakfast taco before. I'm stunned. Shocked! Saddened that you have not taken part in this most amazing of breakfast treats. I know you want a recipe for them, but honestly, there's no wrong way to make them. It's a jumble of whatever you want on it. BUT I'll share how I like to make mine--or have my mom make them--and you can modify it to suit your tastes. So here goes:

Scrambled eggs--2 eggs will make you 2 tacos. I like my eggs cooked with fresh diced cilantro and jalepeño. You can also add those as a topping.
Bacon--1 or two slices per taco depending how much you like bacon. Liam likes his with sausage. He'll cook it first then add his eggs on top so they're all mixed together, kind of like sausage gravy but it's eggs
Shredded Cheese--cheddar jack for me but Chase likes his with Oaxaca, which is a Mexican white cheese. He'll pop down to a market in Mexico City and get a fresh chunk of it. It's not my fav but still good.
Salsa--Ok. This is the second most important ingredient because it has to be REAL salsa. none of this picante sauce or hot sauce fakeness. Check the jar and see where it's made. East coast salsa is SO not the 
Fresh Tomato Salsa
same as a Texas salsa. I've included a visual to help:  This is pico, not salsa. 

Tortillas--this is THE most important part. If you can get them, you want to use fresh tortillas. We get them, once again, thanks to Chase. But there were some grocery stores in Texas that made them fresh daily. These work great. But if you don't have a store that makes them, get the ones you have to cook yourself. These are usually in the refrigerated section. We have two Adaris in the house so they like to show off sometimes and cook them in their hands. Unless you have one of them handy, get a pan really hot and then cook on each side for like 15 seconds. This is also a good way to heat up the other tortillas. If you have no other options, get the pre-made that are in the bread section. They won't be as good--not even close--but beggars, choosing and all that.
Toppings--Toppings can be anything you want. Cinatro, jalepeño, avocado...
Assembly--Here's how it goes for me: Tortillas on the plate. Add egg cooked with jalepeño and cilantro, and bacon. Top with shredded cheese, avocado, and extra hot salsa. Fold and eat like a soft taco.

Other options--Potatoes are frequently added, but I'm too impatient to wait for them to cook usually. Beans--refried, whole pinto, black--can also be added too, though refried are usually confined to a taco without eggs. This is the great thing about the breakfast taco. You can pretty much make it with whatever ingredients you like. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


PS Tell, H sorry I had to hack her email account. If the fam thought I had one I'd be toast.


Thank Evy.  Gonna make those today!!

If you missed this awesome book, check it out.



  1. Yum!! That sounds delicious!! Thanks for sharing this recipe!!

  2. My favorite thing about visiting family in Texas is breakfast taquitos. Whataburger is good if youre in a pinch. The best ones come from the actual restaurants. I had one last time that had eggs, refried beans, potatoes, and avocado. It was fantastic.

    Hope you try and love breakfast tacos, Val!

  3. YUM! Maybe Heather, I mean Evy, can make those for me the next time she visits!