Wednesday, July 11, 2012

City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare ~ Review

Source: Purchased audio book, narrated by Molly C. Quinn

My Summary:

With Jace gone and tracking him useless, Clary is desperate to save him.  Most don't believe he can be saved but Clary will try even it means going alone.  Finding him is only the first impossible thing she has to do.  How can she trust Jace as he is or that matter Sebastian?  Her brother tries to convince her his plan is good but can she really believe him?  What are his true motives? Then there is the clave - the law is hard but it is the law.  With them involved what chance does Jace really have?   Who will survive and who will never be the same? 

My Thoughts:

4 stars - Fabulous world & story

I'll start with the narrator since I listened to this book.  It was find, that's all.  I missed the voice of Ed Westwick that helped narrator the last book.  But Molly's voice didn't distract from the book at all.

So I love Cassandra Clare books.  Well, most of them.  I will admit that book 4 in this series, City of Fallen Angels, was very hard on me.  I get so personally involved with the characters in her books that I feel like I'm suffering right along with them.  With book 4, my heart was smashed beyond repair.  I had a hard time wanting to read this book.  I couldn't stand the thought of a Jace that wasn't Jace.  And I was right to be worried.  I struggled to read this one.  I've never taken so long to finish a book by Cassie ever.  I started this book on June 16th.  I JUST finished it last night.  I put it aside so many times to read other books.  Now don't get me wrong, it's still got Cassie's fabulous writing, world building and twisting story line - it's just that I couldn't bare to watch the characters going through what they did.  I think, too, that I've learned that more than two POVs is too much for me.

Yes I will be reading book 6 and I hope that Cassie brings all the pieces together with an ending that I can be happy with.  


  1. I was having a hard time reading this book because seriously, the book was making me crahhzzyy!

  2. For the same reasons you had a hard time with this book, I couldn't put it down. My heart hurt with the characters. I felt like I was breaking, but I needed to keep going. I think that is what makes me love these books so much. I am so invested in the characters. My emotions are triggered right along with them. Great review hon!

  3. So it sounds like I'm not the only one! I bought this on release day and I keep getting to about 25-40 pages in and I set it aside. But you may have sparked me to try it again...We'll see! Thanks for the review and push to give it another go!