Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Freeing Carter by Nyrae Dawn ~ Review

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Source: Received review copy from author in exchange for a fair and hones review.

My Summary:

Carter's senior years is gonna rock!  Beautiful girl friend, fab best friend, starting point guard, everything is just about perfect.  What? Liar, liar pants on fire.  What's up with Mel lately - all they do is fight?  Travis has something up he's not talking about and basketball's at risk unless Carter can get caught up in English class.  All of that takes a backseat to the real problem in his life - the secret that he protects.  He has to protect his mom and his sister.  He has to balance it all, man up, handle it alone. Until...truth or dare....until Kira.

My Thoughts:

5 stars - Carter has me crying, laughing and swooning!

Been loving reading from the male POV and this book has that combined with a genuine story that needs to be told.  Carter's secret is more than any seventeen year old should have to handle on their own yet a lot of teens still have to.  Through Carter, we can see the pain it causes a family.  I loved how strong Carter is, how much he cares for and takes care of his sister, how hard he tries to do the right thing even though he doesn't know what that is and how much he grows through the struggles he faces.  He is an incredible young man that I would love to call son.

I cannot stand Carter's girl friend, Mel.  What a spoiled brat she is.  Staying with Carter only for the social reasons, she loses all points in my book pretty darn fast.  She gets what she deserves but still doesn't have a clue.  I'd feel sorry for her but what would be the point.

Travis, Carter's best friend, is an interesting guy.  His life has some issues that he's not sharing which must be some guy thing cause Carter's not sharing either.  I did really enjoy their friendship, it sings true.

I feel sorry for Carter's Mom.  I can totally see her trying and failing to hold things together.  She loves her kids and wants to be better but she just can't.  Her character was very real to me.

Kira is awesome! Her hair color changes with her moods as does her clothing style.  I loved that.  A struggling soul, she is drawn to Carter.  Birds of a feather.  I loved so much how they supported and helped each other.  I loved how Kira was cool with Carter hanging with his friend when Travis was falling apart.  I loved how she reacted to Sara, Carter's little sister.  This girl had been through pain in her life and understood what was important.  Together, Kira and Carter are stronger.  I love the cover of this book - Kira and Carter how they most often were.

As you can see, the characters make this story.  Not a surprise, given the author.  Nyrae's characters always seem to live and breathe for me.  But the story is fabulous too.  I loved the surprises that always popped up when Kira was around- can you say hot tub?  I loved how the events felt real and not forced to make things work.  This story works!

If you read YA contemporary, then this book should shoot to the top of your TBR list!


  1. I got a little confused after reading that synopsis, but I do love reading in Male POVs. And YA contemporaries are my favorite - maybe I should boost this one up my TBR list a little? ;)

    Skyway Avenue Reads

  2. Great review, Val! I havent read anything by Nyrae, but I've heard a lot of good things about her books. Maybe it's time I start reading more contemps?

  3. Great review Val.
    I haven't read any book by this author but have heard great things. I have one of them on my kindle though. Will definitely be adding this to my TBR.
    I love contemporary =)

  4. I know how much you love Nyrae's books, so I'm definitely considering snagging this one, or one of her others. You just make it sound SO GOOD! :)

    Molli | Once Upon a Prologue

  5. This sounds great! Adding it to my wishlist now!

  6. This book sounds really good. I still haven't read What a Boy Wants or What a Boy Needs, but it seems like she knows how to write contemporary. The characters sound fabulous!!

  7. I want to read this book so so bad!! And your review was amazing! I love reading books from a male's POV, it's always refreshing.

    I absolutely love Nyrae Dawn! Her books are wonderful to read, so no surprise this one is amazing!! :)

    Magen Corrie
    ~Corrie the book,crazed girl

  8. Cripes! That reminds me that I need to write a review for Freeing Carter. Nyrae always does an amazing job of writing great, character-centered stories. Great review!

  9. So, this is one of the few times that I am going to comment after reading a new post in the email subscription. I was drawn. Great review. *the synopsis was pretty confusing.

  10. Eeep! Sounds sooo good =D Just added it to my wish list =D

  11. ~sighs~
    Another one I need... thanks *-*