Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vote Team Clary TODAY

Hey, I’m Valerie from StuckInBooks.com and I’m here to convince you to vote Team Clary.  Helping me today is the gorgeous Jace.  Thanks for stopping by to help me.  Why should readers vote for Clary as the strongest heroine? (Oh and make sure you look for the City of Lost Souls teaser that Jace brought with him.)

By Kara Lija
By Jace

She’s my girl so she’s the perfect heroine but there are other reasons too.  Clary is loyal and driven to help those she loves, even when it was that mundane she wanted to save. 
From City of Bones – “When the self-congratulatory part of the evening is over, maybe we could get back to saving my best friend from being exsanguinated to death?”
She’s feisty & independent.  She doesn’t put up with any shit, even from me.

From City of Bones - "I was ninety percent sure." "I see," Clary said.
There must have been something in her voice, because he turned to look at her. Her hand cracked across his face, a slap that rocked him back on his heels. He put a hand to his cheek, more in surprise than pain. "What the hell was that for?" "The other ten percent," she said, and they rode the rest of the way down to the street in silence."

Clary finds a way to win.  Her gifts help her find a way.
From City of Ashes - "The completed Fearless rune was a matrix of strongly swirling lines: a rune as bold and aerodynamic as an eagle.  She tore the page free and held it up so the others could see it."
She fights her own battles.  All that red hair, I’m not gonna cross her.
 From City of Glass - "Is this the part where you say if I hurt her, you'll kill me?" "No" Simon said, "If you hurt Clary she's quite capable of killing you herself. Possibly with a variety of weapons." 

By Kara Lija
She loves really fiercely, and that's one of her great strong points, but she's never dependent. She knows how strong I think she is.

From City of Glass - "Clary thought of the way Jace had looked at her then, the blaze of
faith in his eyes, his belief in her. He had always thought she was strong. He had showed it in everything he did, in every look and every touch. Simon had faith in her too, yet when he’d held her, it had been as if she were something fragile, something made of delicate glass. But Jace had held her with all the strength he had, never wondering if
she could take it—he’d known she was as strong as he was."

I don’t know this Meghan girl, but Clary saved the world from Valentine.  I think we might need her to kick some demon ass very soon, to save the world again.  To save me.

City of Lost Souls - "The demon struck, and Clary rose to meet it with the dagger she had yanked from her belt. She turned her body aside as she drove the dagger home, avoiding the creature’s fangs; its hiss turned to a gurgle as the blade sank in and she dragged it down, gutting the creature open the way someone might gut a fish. Burning demon blood exploded over her hand in a hot torrent."

Thanks Jace, I couldn’t agree more.  And if you need more incentive to vote for Clary today then remember that if Clary wins this whole deal, Cassandar Clare will write the Greenhouse scene from Jace's POV.  

Make sure you spread the word to vote for Clary today then  enter to win ALL of Cassandra’s books, SIGNED below in the rafflecopter.  a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I voted for Clary too. I think she'll do fine! Cassandra has a ginormous fan base! No one can top that!

  2. Voted! Gotta keep Clary in the there!

  3. Emily L
    I couldn't see where to include the link for when I blogged about this contest and vote, so here it is.