Thursday, December 22, 2011

Alex from Half Blood needs VOTES today

Why do I think you should support Alex today by voting for her in the Heroine Tourney?  Glad you asked.

Visiting today to help with explaining the finer points of Alex as a Heroine is Aiden and Seth from HALF BLOOD & PURE.  (There is one quote and the boys talk about things from PURE a couple of times.)

Seth smiles. “I’d say it’s my pleasure to be here, but I know it’s more of your pleasure.”

“I don’t think your ego is helping,” Aiden says. “Anyway, I’m always here to support Alex.”

So, guy I'm here to explain what makes Alex a greatheroine and I thought you could help me.  You willing to make some comments on my ideas?

“I think this is a wonderful idea.” Aiden smiles. “Alex is one of the strongest people I know. She’s the perfect heroine.”

“Alex is in a tourney?” Seth glances at Aiden. “Why didn’t I know about this?”

“Probably because you’re only capable of thinking about what’s going on in your own life.”

Seth folds his arms. “That’s not true. Anyway, Alex is going to kick ass. Enough said.”

First point, Alex is beautiful and that's always important for a great heroine.  A certain male described her like this.

“Long, thick chestnut colored hair fell past a chest that had grown in the last three years. Her face was oval shape; lips full like a pure-blood’s. Cheekbones high and eyebrows delicately arched over two wide, brown eyes. Even with the faint purplish bruises marring an otherwise flawless complexion, she was… unbelievable. Beautiful.” (HALF-BLOOD, Aiden’s POV)

Any thoughts, guys?       

A flush crawls across Aiden’s cheeks. “Well, wow… just put that out there like that.”

“She has a really nice—” Aiden’s glare seems to make Seth think twice. “Personality, too, which is oh-so more important than on what’s the outside.”
“That’s what I thought. To add to the whole inner beauty, Alex isn’t mean spirited. She may have her moments, but she’s got a good heart.”

Second point, Alex is willing to risk her own life to help others. Case in point…
“Sickened, I pushed down my own pain and fear.  ‘Mom… please let Caleb go.  Please. I’ll do anything.’ And I meant it.  There was no way I was going to let Caleb die in this godforsaken place.” (HALF-BLOOD)

Yeah, she’s good at helping others, don’t you think?

Both males are quiet for several moments. Aiden speaks first. “She’s reckless in her need to help others. It’s a virtue, but I worry… There was this Master—a pure-blood who oversees the servants—well, Alex didn’t like the way he was handling a servant.”

Seth jaw ticks. “I still think I should’ve killed the SOB.”

“That’s one thing we can agree on.” Aiden takes a deep breath. “But Alex is always willing to help someone, no matter what danger it poses to her.”

I do believe that happens in PURE!

Third point, Alex is funny and it always comes out at the best times.

"I was gonna be super pissed in the afterlife if I died a virgin in this crap hole." (HALF-BLOOD)

"Did you think he was just some lazy pure-blood who needed protection?” His voice dripped sarcasm.  “Well he looks like it! How was I supposed to know he was secretly Rambo in Dockers?" (HALF-BLOOD)

A regular barrel of laughs, that’s Alex.

“One of the first things she told me was that she was going to have to drop her crack habit now that she was back at the Covenant,” Aiden says, smiling. “I honestly didn’t know what to say.”

Seth nods. “You really don’t know what’s going to come out of her mouth.”

Fourth point, Alex speaks her mind despite the audience.

“There was a very good chance I might hit him, but with my fist instead of an apple.  I jerked my arm free. ‘Yeah, I’m that damn special.’” (PURE)

That could have been worse, don’t you think?
“Uh, like I said, you never know what’s going to come out of her mouth.” Seth rubs his palm along his jaw. “Once, she actually threatened to stab me in the eye.”

“You deserved it.” Aiden smirks. “I was there.”

“Whatever. Another time she said she was going to smother me in my sleep.” He laughs. “We have this laugh/hate relationship.”

Aiden’s eyes narrowed. “You don’t have any relationship with her.”
“If you say so.”

He turns away from Seth. “Alex will say what’s on her mind, especially if she feels strongly about something. Sometimes she doesn’t quite know when to not say something, but she’s not going to stand by if she doesn’t agree with something.”

Fifth point, Alex is fighter.  She can hold her own in a battle and then some.

“Aiden glanced over his shoulder at me. ‘How many daimons have you killed?’ ‘Just two.’ I picked up my pace so I could keep up with his long legged ones. ‘Just two?’ Awe filled his voice. ‘Do you realize how amazing it is for a half-blood not fully trained to kill one daimon, let alone two?’” (HALF-BLOOD)

I think that number has increased since that conversation, right?

“Hell yeah, it has.” Aiden shakes his head in wonder. “I think I’ve lost count.”

“And she’s fought some things a lot bigger and badder than daimons,” Seth adds with a measure of respect. “Things that are not of the mortal world if you get my drift. And when she turns eighteen, watch out. There’s going to be very few things that can stop her. One of them being me, but I’m great and you—”

“Shut up, Seth.”

I think people should vote for Alex over Rose because she has both of you gorgeous guys voting for her.  Don’t you agree?

“Who is this Rose chick?” Seth squints at a photo. “Whoa, she’s hot.”

“That’s helping, Seth.” Aiden rolls his eyes. “With or without us, Alex is still a great heroine. She doesn’t need us telling you that. I think what she faced with her mom pretty much tells you what she’s capable of. And the fact she got up after that and went on? How many people can you say has faced something that horrific? Alex has. So if you vote for Alex, vote because she’s one hell of a girl. Not because we’re telling you to.”

“But the fact that we get asked to send naked pictures of us every day probably helps her cause.” Seth glances at Aiden. “Right? Maybe that can stir up some votes.”
Aiden shakes his head. 

Thanks guys, I appreciate your help today! 

***Incentives to spread the word ***

So to spread the word, I have a few incentives to tell you about.  First of all, Alex’s advocate, Momo for Books Over Boys has a giveaway going for some FABULOUS Jennifer L Armentrout books including a pre-order of PURE.  Go check that out here.

Jennifer has promised some rewards along the way.  Check out what she's promised! 

500 Votes: If Alex reaches 500 votes, I will give you a juicy scene from Pure. It involves a pool, but will be edited to avoid spoilers. 
750 Votes: If Alex gets 750 votes, I will give you Chapter 16 from Half-Blood in Aiden's POV. Yes, that chapter. 
1000 Votes: If Alex get 1000 votes, I will give you Chapter 26 from Obsidian in Daemon's POV. 
Yes, that chapter.
Winning votes: If Alex wins against Rose, I will write a very lengthy scene/ basically a freaking novella from Aiden's POV about a trip he and Leon took that involved searching down a certain daimon that got away at the end of Half-Blood. Now. If she wins, all of this will take me some time, of course.

Umm... WOW. Okay she must reach 1000 votes and she must WIN.  I REALLY want chapter 26 from HALF-BLOOD from Aiden's POV & are you kidding me the laptop chapter from OBSIDIAN from Daemon's POV. SQUEE!

And finally, I have a little reward planed as well for spreading the word.  I’m giving away a $10 Amazon Gift card or up to $10 in books from the Book Depository for spreading the word about voting Team Alex.  Here’s how it works.  There are 5 tweet buttons set up with the link to go vote.  The tweets must be spaced out at least an hour apart to qualify.  You can also earn entries by changing your twitter pic to support Alex today.  There’s also an entry for any other way you can figure out of spreading the word.  So spread the word guys, this one will be tough but I believe in Alex! 

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    Alex for the win!

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