Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On a Dark Wing by Jordan Dane Tour Stop & GIVEAWAY

My Summary:

Abbey Chandler survived the car accident that killed her mother but she has never recovered from the guilt or the lose of her mom.  Five years ago she missed the bus and her mom came to pick her up.  If she had hurried after school instead of stopping for Cheetos she'd still have her.   Her father is lost in his own grief not really knowing how to help Abbey more then sending her to therapy.  Acting like everything is fine, she struggles to survive high school coping with feelings she can't face and not noticed by Nate, the boy she fantasizes about.  Her only friend is Tanner but together they are bullied by cruel cyber punks.  Little does Abbey know that another boy has noticed her and is quite interested in being part of her life even it means risking Nate's life to do it.

My Thoughts:

3 stars - a good read

Uniquely written from multiple points of view, On a Dark Wing has a different feel than most books I read.  It took me a while to get into it but when it finally took off, I really enjoyed it.  Most of the time is spend in Abbey's head but we also spend a lot of time with Nate, the object of Abbey's obsession and Tanner, her best friend.  I really enjoyed Tanner.  I love reading from a male point of view.  It always intrigues me to know what guys are thinking.  Tanner is devoted to Abbey but he is struggling with his own issues.  He was paralyzed from the waist down in an accident a few years back.  Seems that he learned who his true friends were after that.  Tanner is the perfect best friend to Abbey always right where she needs him to be.  While I liked Nate, I never felt like I got to know him enough.  He had a few moments I really enjoyed.  I particularly loved his relationship with his little sister.  Such a good big brother.  I must also say that I was very happy about the way this book ended.  The journey that Abbey takes to deal with her mother's death and her struggles to grow up rang true.  Sometimes books have heroines that are not popular only to become that way and all is well.  That isn't how life works.  Fiction has to mimic life enough to ring true and this one does.

Set in the picturesque state of Alaska, the world that Jordan builds for Abbey, Nate and Tanner is beautiful and distinctive.  The paranormal seeps into their world in a Poe like way giving it a eery feel that was completely believable.  The mystery of the ravens threaded it's way through the whole book and I loved that.  The ravens became symbols that morphed from initial fear to something much more important.  I won't say just what as not to spoil it for anyone.  

I would recommend this book to those who enjoys the darker themed paranormal leaning to the side of death.  It's a good read.

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  1. This sounds like such a good book, I'm so excited to read it! :) Where will the live chat be held?

  2. Hey Valerie--I really enjoyed your review. Great insights. Thanks so much for hosting a tour stop & book giveaway. Happy holidays & have a great 2012!

    Jordan Dane

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  8. I also received a copy for review, and I LOVED it!! I love paranormal stories with twists.

    Imaginary Reads

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