Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Christmas Santa (or two)

First of all, I want to say Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

I hope that you are enjoying this time of year with good friend and family.

I wanted to share my Christmas Santas with you.

I participated in two different Secret Santa events with fellow bloggers.  I had so much fun picking out presents for fellow book lovers.  I can't help it but I love to share good books.  
It's also so much fun to get books as gifts, well it is for me.  I want to share with you my treasures!

The first one I participated in was my bookwork Santa sponsored by Book Briefs.

This FABULOUS Santa sent me an eBook on Thanksgiving day of Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park.

This little jem was on my wish-list.  I've already read it and really enjoyed it.

Then the second week of December I got a box in the mail with two more books!  Both of the books were ones I have wanting.

Thank you so much Bookworm Santa!  You did a fabulous job and made my December so much fun.

The second one I participated in was the Book Blogger Holiday Swap.

The blogger that had my name also gave me an early eBook as part of the swap - or at least I think they did! ;) 

This time I got Etheral by Addison Moore

So excited to get to this one.

Then on December 17th a box came in the mail with PRESENTS!

This one was so much fun because the presents were ordered with notes.  The first one contained a book from my wish list. 

Very excited to dig into this one!

The second one was a surprise!

OOOOO I have seen this one around and so excited about it! YAY!

The third package had CHOCOLATE in it! YUM!

The fourth was an envelope with an Amazon gift card in it.  Oh how fun is that!

Finally there was a card revealing my Santa as Carrie from nomadreader!

Thanks so much Carrie, I had so much fun with all your presents.  They made me so happy. =)

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season no matter how you celebrate it!


  1. enjoy all your books me dear/lol sounds so granpa ish

    enjoy all and merry cheistmas/wich1 will yu be reading first

  2. Merry Christmas Valerie!!!! I hope you have a very Happy Holiday!!!! <3

  3. Merry Christmas the haul and gifts. Enjoy them..then pretty please review them :)

  4. You had some amazing Secret Santas this year. I hope you enjoy The Name of the Star as much as I did!!

  5. Thanks so much for participating! I have the reveal post and linky up on my blog so you can find out who your secret santa was :)

  6. Wow! You have some awesome books! Merry Christmas Valerie!

  7. Hi Valerie, I am glad tpo see your 2 e-books and 2 paper books arrived safely :) I am glad you are enjoying them. I sadly do not have my own blog but am a guest writer/reviewer for cocktails and books. ( )
    I hope you had a Merry Christmas and enjoy your New Year!

  8. I can't take credit for Ethereal, but I'm so glad you liked your other presents! Happy reading!