Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Special guest post from Katy's Krazy Obsession & giveaway reminder

StuckInBooks is so excited to have Katy from Katy’s Krazy Obsession book blog doing a fun guest post today.  I got to know Katy when I interviewed her as the heroine from Obsidian.  We have become fast friends and she gave me permission to post some of our texts over the last little while.  Katy’s been offline for a while, which all us blogger know can make ya nuts.  So to get her back online, here’s our conversation.

Valerie (StuckInBooks): What ya reading?

Katy (Katy’s Krazy Obsession): Trying to read book abt a demon who works in the acquisition department, but all it makes me want wish for is the ability to send boy next door to hell.

Valerie: Ooo a boy next door?  What’s he look like?

Katy: He’s a holy hawtness, batman w/ a side of baby making material, but he’s a totes douche nozzle.

V: He can’t be all that bad can he?

K: I’m pretty sure he wants to kill me

V: But he’s cute, right? What’s his name?

K: LOL. Other than the wanting to kill me part? Yeah, he’s hot. His name is Daemon. Fitting huh?

V: Damn. That’s a good name. How’d you meet?

K: I asked him for directions. I just stared at him. For like an hour. He was shirtless. Who can blame me.

V: Staring?  Not talking? OMG

K: I finally did say something. He wasn’t very nice. I had to explain what I wanted to put in a garden.

V: Flowers, right?

K: Yeah, flowers. Not rocket science here. He called me kittycat and said I looked like a kid.

V: What were you wearing?  Did you look like a kid?

K: No! I was wearing shorts and you know, my MY BLOG IS BETTER THAN YOUR VLOG shirt. It was a cute combination, dammit. And I think he was staring at my legs.

V: Scratch that, you don’t look like a kid! ^_^ But he was staring at YOUR legs…hmm

K: Thank you. Our first conversation didn’t end well. I flipped him off.

V: You flipped him off? You go girl!

K: Haha. I did. I did.

V: I got an ARC of Touch by Jus Accardo – it’s FAB. Mailing it today.

K: Oh! Yay! Been wanting to read that. Thank you!

A few days later.

K: Guess what I got today? Touch!

V: Nice! You should start reading ASAP

K: Planning on it.

V: How’s Daemon?

K: Gah. I don’t even know where to begin. I went swimming with him yesterday.

V: Really?!? Swimming? How did you get from yelling at each other to swimming?

K: He totes coerced me into doing so. Bonus points—I hate bonus points.

V: Whoa. Wait. Swimming mean’s half naked, right? What he look like?

K: Haha. Perv. Let’s just say I think I might have drooled a little on myself.

V:  That sucks. So what did you wear?

K: A red bikini.

V:  That should get you some bonus points! What was it like?

K: There were few moments when he was nice and some damn good eye candy, but he reverted back to dickdom pretty quickly.

V: You sure you don’t like this boy?

K: I want to like him, because his sister is so sweet, but he makes it hard. I’ve never met another creature so freaking frustrating! It’s like he has bipolar disorder on steroids.

V:  Too much complaining usually means….

K: Shut up

V: Ok…Ok… read & blog talk to you soon

K: Peace out!

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  1. I loved Half-Blood. So if Daemon in Obsidian is half as great as Aiden was, I cannot wait to read about him.

  2. Dude this rocked LOL. And perfect, too, because I started reading last night and I didn't get much further than this in the book :-) Can't wait to finish. I'll be back tomorrow!

  3. haha!! This rocked!! Love it. I am about to read the book again, just because I love it so much and the interactions between Daemon and Katy are the best.

  4. Lol! Loved this! I can see I'm going to have a love/hate relationship with Daemon's character :-) can't wait!

  5. I can definitely see the tension mounting between these too. Love it!

  6. that does sound like great book what about more
    are there any planned

  7. This was the best thing ever!!! Completely made my day!! :D

  8. BAHA! Douche nozzle & dickdom! Totally adding those to my dialect!

  9. "K: I’m pretty sure he wants to kill me

    V: But he’s cute, right?"

    Haha, great idea for a guest post! I MUST read this book!