Thursday, December 29, 2011

A turning point in my reading life - Readng Cassandar Clare

 As we head to the new year, I've been thinking about where my blogging adventure started, how I got stuck in books.  Interestingly enough, I haven’t always been an avid reader. Shocking, I know but I had a few books when I was young that captured my interest but nothing more. Now, my life seems to revolve around reading. What changed? As I think back about it, I can really pin point it to two authors. The first one is Stephenie Meyer who wrote the Twilight Series. She got me reading but she’s not the one who sent me down the road to loving YA urban fantasy. After I read the Twilight Series, I tried very hard to find other books that spoke to me so I haphazardly picked up books in YA looking for a repeat performance. Then a friend at work recommended The City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I literally sailed through the first two books but had to wait on the third because it wasn’t out yet. In her books, I discovered what it is that I love to read.

That discovery has driven my reading choices ever since. Strong central characters just like Clary and Jace are a must. Clary doesn’t know how to be a shadowhunter but she’s determined and doesn’t give up. Jace is strong, talented and has a weakness for Clary. The world is familiar enough to real society that I’m not lost in a constant parade of things I don’t know and can’t keep track of. But it’s also a world of mystery and discovery for me. The plot is action packed with twists and turns that catch me by surprise. The clues that are left in the lines of pages are enough to keep me thinking but not enough to give things away. The love interest is strong and hot but doesn’t take over the entire plot. When you combine these elements you have a perfect book for me. 

Now when I read, I look for urban fantasy or paranormal that have strong characters and fast action. No one writes like Cassie but I’ve found a few I would stand up next to her as just as good in different ways. Jennifer L Armentrout comes to mind. I have LOVED everything she has written and can’t wait to read more. Julie Kawaga is another one that creates those perfect stories for me. And I’m always comparing what I’m reading to these idols that I have. Thank you Cassandra for helping me discover my passion in reading and for getting me stuck in books!


  1. Awesome post Valerie!! I can totally relate I wasn't always an avid reader either. It was twilight that got me seriously reading as well. After reading the series I discovered how many wonderful reads are out there and went about finding them :)

  2. Great post. I have always loved to read, but after I got my nook in February of 2011, that is when I started reading pretty much obsessively lol! I Too credit Cassandra Clare to my obsession with YA anyways. Before I read a lot of thrillers, mostly Dean Koontz. Cassie and Jennifer L Armentrout are two of my favorite authors. I have also fallen in book love with a lot of indie authors too.

  3. It's so cool to me when people never like reading and then suddenly read a book that makes them addicted.I've always been a big reader, so I can't relate.

    I think Harry Potter was for me what Mortal Instruments was for you--it allowed me to see the little clue and stuff within the book.

  4. Funny, I have been down the exact same path! I guess I better go pick up Obsidian! I also read Vampire Academy and wanted to kick butt like Rose did! Enjoyed your post! Thanks!

  5. Oh, I love this post. I really like Cassandra Clare's books as well, especially her Infernal Devices series. I need to try out Obsidian as well, so many people rave about them!

    Hello from a new follower, btw. :)