Sunday, December 4, 2011

Katy from Obsidian + GIVEAWAY

Every day this week on StuckInBooks, I have Obsidian Fabulousness to share.

Today I am so excited to be talking to Katy from Obsidian.

Katy, thanks for talking to me.  I love that we’re meeting at the library.  I know that first trip here was rough but books overcome life’s little issues.

She nodded. “Thanks for having me! Yeah, my first trip almost ruined libraries for life.”

I love your blog.  What’s the name of your blog?

Her eyes lit up. “Thank you! I love your blog, too. Mine’s called Katy’s Krazy Obsession. I know. Not that creative, but everything else was pretty much taken, and choosing a title like “Touch My Book and Die” isn’t very friendly.”

Do you remember the first book you ever reviewed?

“Sure do.” She grins as she tucks her legs under her. “I’ve always been into reading, but I didn’t start blogging until about a year ago. My first review was Twilight.” She giggles. “Yeah, I know. Twilight broke my review cherry.”

Nice.  Twilight is part of my early beginning too.  I never did review it on the blog though. 
I am so happy that those little media mail packages make you as happy as they do me.  What have you read lately that you just loved?

“Oh, my God, so I’m not the only one who squeals like I’d seen Alex Pettyfer in person? Thank God. Okay. Some books I’ve read recently that I loved? Touch. Soul Screamers Series. Half-Blood. And I am so stalking that author to get a copy of Pure. Demon Trapper’s Daughter—better be some Riley and Beck love. Carrier of the Mark. She pauses, scrunching up her nose. “There are so many more. Minder Series. I could go on and on…”

Ooooo I love those too.  I’m right there with you stalking that author for a copy of Pure. And I love Soul Screamers and Carrier of the Mark.  Touch is up next for me.  I so need to get to Demon Trapper's Daughter.  Oh we better not get off on books just yet.  Let’s see, where was I….?

I know that the first meeting with Daemon didn’t go so well.  But you have to admit that he has his moments of playing nice.  If you could have that Daemon all the time, would you want to go out with him on a date – um no bonus points - ?

She rolls her eyes. “Yeah, not only did I practically drool all over myself, he wasn’t the friendliest person I’d ever met, but I could have the ‘playing nice’ Daemon all the time? I’d definitely go out with him. And I might even let him earn bonus points.”

Nice.  He likes bonus points.  Where would you like to go on this date?

“Someplace quiet so we could actually talk.”

Like to a library! Oh wait back to Daemon.
Can you describe Daemon in 5 words or less?

“Oh, man, that’s hard. One hot as hell douchebag.” She giggled. “But on a different day, I might describe him as: one hot sweet, kind guy. It really depends on the day of the week.”

Or even the day.  What am I saying, the minute.  HeeHee

I know that Daemon calling you kitten and such bugs you but I wonder if really you like it?

Katy folds her arms. “I’ve grown…accustomed to it.”

If you could have one wish, no questions asked, what would it be?

“Easy. I’d wish for my dad.”

Skittles or M&M? Skittles. Flavor of the rainbow and what not.
Blond or brunette? Both
Blue or brown eyes? Any eye color is fine.
Argue or kiss? Lately? Both. And at the same time.
Burgers or Steak? I like both.
Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi
Movie theater or DVD? DVD
Dinner in or out? In.
Mountain or ocean? Living in Florida for half my life,  I love oceans, but the mountains are growing on me.

So thanks for talking to be Katy.  I have some books I’d like to get your opinion on and find out what you would recommend for me to read.  Let’s go check out this library.

“Thanks! Let’s go stalk some books!”


So what do you think of Katy? I absolutely love this girl. Maybe I can see us as friends. It's the blog thing but she really is great.   You are so going to want to check out this book.

Tomorrow I'll be posting my 5 Star review of Obsidian.  More everyday.  

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