Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Daemon from Obsidian & giveaway reminder

I am so excited today to have Daemon from Obsidian on StuckInBooks.

Hey Daemon, thanks for agreeing to talk to me.  I love this beautiful lake you’ve chosen to meet at.  But I just admit that I’m a little nervous to talk to you.  You don’t always play nice.

“I do like to play naughty from time to time. But if you stay on my good side, then I’ll be on your good sign. If not, I can’t promise anything.”

Tell me what it is about this lake that draws you to it?

“It’s peaceful for starters, and I think it’s beautiful.  Coming here, I can just chill out and relax, not think about anything.” He stares out over the lake, smiling wistfully. “It’s one of my favorite places, and I’ve been to a lot of places.”

You bring Katy here a couple of times.  Is that on purpose or just a place to go?

“Beautiful things should be with beautiful places…”

You seem to be willing to do things for bonus points.  What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for bonus points?

“I do love me some bonus points.” He grins. “The craziest thing I’ve done? Probably the whole swimming thing, believe it or not. I’m trying to get some more bonus points. Not doing too well with it.”

Can you describe your planet, maybe a favorite place there?

His grin fades. “I was way too young to remember a lot about my planet.”

I know you’re very protective of your sister but I think there are others your protective of as well.  Willing to share?

“Now, what makes you think that?” He stands, walks over the edge of the lake. “There is someone I’ve come to be fairly protective with.”

You seem pretty attracted to Katy.  If you were able to spend a day with her, no bonus points, and it didn’t make things more dangerous, what would you do?  Where would you take her?

“Is it that obvious? My attraction to her? Interesting.” He places his hands on his hips, tips his head back, letting the sun wash over his face. “I’d find the biggest library in the world and take her there. I think she’d like that. Don’t you?”

For sure she would like that, what reader wouldn’t.  I know your first meeting with Katy didn’t really go so great.  Can you describe what you thinking?

“I thought it went pretty well.” He glanced over his shoulder, brows raised. “I was thinking a lot of things. I’ll share them some day.”

Can you describe Katy in 5 words or less?

Daemon turns around, letting his hands fall to his side. “Describe her in 5 words or less? Intelligent, feisty hot, little kitten.” He laughs. “I can’t believe I just said that. Can we scratch that?”

Umm… no we cannot scratch that.

Skittles or M&M? Neither. Not a candy guy.
Blond or brunette? I don’t think hair matters. It’s not the first thing I notice.
Blue or brown eyes? Gray?
Yes and who has Gray eyes – don’t answer I know who does.
 Argue or kiss? Both. In any order. Or at the same time.
Burgers or Steak? Steak
Coke or Pepsi? Sweet tea
Movie theater or DVD? DVD
Dinner in or out? In, if someone is making it for me.
Mountain or ocean? Got a thing for mountains right now.

Hey, I really appreciate your time.  I’m thinking it was kinda okay talking to you.  Can you take care of Katy for me, I’m pretty attached to her?

“Thank you for talking to me, and nothing will happen to Kat with me around. Trust me on that.”

If you're wanting that question answered about what he was thinking when he met Katy the first time, then check out the print edition of the book. Jenifer has promised the first chapter from Daemon's POV and that's when they meet. Can't wait to read that myself.

So what do you think of Daemon? He was pretty well behaved, I must say.   I think he gives Katy such a hard time because likes her too much. You will for sure want to check him out in this book.  He had me laughing and wanting to hit him.

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    jwitt33 at live dot com

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